Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Rector's Office


Dmytro Grygorovych

LUKIANENKO Dmytro Grygorovych – First Prorector on Research-pedagogical and Research Work

  • Professor; Doctor of Science, Economics
  • Chairman International Management Chair
  • Chairman of the International Economics subcommittee of the Scientific and research Committee of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine on economics and entrepreneurship
  • Honored Master of Sciences and Engineering of Ukraine
  • Prize winner of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences named after V.Ptykhyn

Tel. 0038 (044) 456 5057; 0038 (044) 371 6203

Professional activity areas:

  • Structural Divisions Staff Development
  • Monitoring of Educational Programmes efficiency
  • Innovative provision of educational process
  • Definition of priorities and arrangement of fundamental and applied scientific researches
  • Coordination of Scientific Park, Research Institutes, Specialized Scientific Boards and Board of Studies; editing of professionally-oriented journals

Anatoliy Mykhailovych

KOLOT Anatoliy Mykhailovych – Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work

  • Professor, Doctor of Economics;
  • Head of Personnel Management Department;
  • Outstanding Worker of Education of Ukraine;
  • Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine.

tel. / fax 371-6276

Areas of activity:

  • educational, scientific and methodical work on bachelor level training;
  • publishing;
  • organization of library services;
  • scientific and methodological support of the Bologna process.

Chuzhykov Viktor


Chuzhykov Viktor - Prorector for research and education and international relations

  • Doctor of Economics, Professor 
  • Honoured worker of science and technology
  • Outstanding worker of Education of Ukraine
  • Jean Monnet Professor
  • Member of Regional Studies Association (UK)
  • President of NGO “European Integration Promotion Foundation”

Tel. (044) 456-63-78

Areas of activity:

  • International academic mobility for staff and students
  • Teaching of foreign students, master’s degree students
  • Development of English-taught programmes
  •  Participation in global research networks

Tetiana Yevhenivna

OBOLENSKA Tetiana Yevhenivna - Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work

  • Professor, Doctor of Economics;
  • Outstanding Worker of Education of Ukraine.

phone. 458-0073

Areas of activity:

  • Deputy Chairman of the Scientific and Methodical Commission of the economic education of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, carries on preparation of issues for Scientific and methodical commission and monitoring of their implementation;
  • performs the functions of Chairman for the Expert Council on licensing and accreditation of higher educational establishments major in "Economics and Entrepreneurship" of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine;
  • educational work;
  • preparation of materials for the above areas for consideration by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Government Accreditation Commission of Ukraine, Institute of contents and methods of teaching and enforcement of decisions taken.

Valentyn Petrovych

SHTUL Valentyn Petrovych - Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, economic and social issues

  • PhD, assistant professor of marketing;
  • Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine;
  • Outstanding Worker of Education of Ukraine;
  • Awarded by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

phone. 371-6194

Areas of activity:

  • economic planning of the university activities;
  • monitoring the financial activities of economic units and analysis of economic and financial activities;
  • efficient use of material and financial resources and working capital;
  • monitoring equipment units of the university fixed assets and material resources, and appropriate state of facilities, buildings and adjacent territory;
  • coordination of campus, technical services, tender committee staff and service personnel;
  • rational use of vehicles;
  • control over the creation of safe and healthy working environment in compliance with applicable laws;
  • ensuring compliance with the law in university activities and defense of its legal interests.

Andrey Martynovych

BEREZA Andrey Martynovych - Deputy Vice-rector

  • Professor of Information Systems in the economy Department;
  • PhD;
  • Director of Training Center;
  • Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.

tel. 456-4182

Areas of activity:

  • organization of the educational process;
  • technical support of the educational process;
  • implementation of accounting and analytical work;
  • issues of reappointments and transfers.

Oleg Yuriyovych

PACENKO Oleg Yuriyovych - Scientific Secretary

  • Associate Professor of International Economics Department;
  • PhD;

phone. 371-6173

Areas of activity:

  • organizes work and controls execution of the Academic Council decisions;
  • organizes a competition for filling posts of teaching staff;
  • supervises the preparation of all documents considered by the Academic Council;
  • preparing extracts from the minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council on the recommendation for entry into postgraduate and doctoral, appointment of heads of departments and deans.
Last redaction: 22.05.17