Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Research activities

Scientific and educational activities of the Department are based on the modern system-synergetic paradigm. In its scientific and educational work, the Department has been developing an interdisciplinary systemic approach to the study of complex socio-economic systems and destabilizing processes.

The primary activities of the Department include:

  • the fundamental scientific research in the field of systems analysis and synthesis of socio-economic systems under the increasing globalization;
  • the improvement of current methodology and tools for the research of nonlinear behavior, the phenomena of self-organization, cooperation and turmoil in the economy;
  • the development of modern software, hardware, communications, and information technologies for monitoring, analysis, and diagnostics of socio-economic systems and their functional components;
  • supporting students of VI and VII qualification levels (National Qualifications Framework) in the development of systematized knowledge and practical skills that are required for using modern information technology to solve problems of socio-economic systems management at macro, micro and industrial levels in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing for various organizational functions including marketing, finance, accounting, audit, etc.;
  • training of highly qualified  faculty staff (including graduate and Doctoral-level students) that are able to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned priorities.
Last redaction: 19.01.16