Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Korea University Master’s Degree Program in Economic Policy and Development11 February 2016р.



Stay duration: August 19, 2016 – December 18, 2017 (16 months of study in Korea)

* During 16 months in Korea University, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.

- Academic duration: September 2016 - February 2018 (18 months)

* In accordance to the university regulations, the diploma will be issued in February 2018. 

Degree: Master’s Degree in International Studies (International Commerce)


∙ Develop human resources that will contribute to the socio-economic advancement of developing countries ∙ Train Key government experts in the fields of ‘Economic Policy and Development’ needed by the developing countries ∙ Share Korea’s economic development experience and train experts who can contribute to global economic development ∙ Enhance the understanding on Korean industries and corporate management system

Training Institute:Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University (KUGSIS) (

Number of Participants: 20 Government Officials

Language: English fluency that requires no interpretation 




Step 1.

Closing Date for Application Package Submission

February 29/ 17:00 P.M. [Local time in Korea]

Step 2.

On-site Interview (KOICA)

March 1-7, 2016

Step 3.

Document Screening (KUGSIS)

March 15-31, 2016

Step 4.

Phone Interview (KUGSIS)

April 18-29, 2016

Step 5.

Medical Check-up (local)

May 16-June 17, 2016

Step 6.

Final Admissions Notification

June 30, 2016


- Be a citizen of the country which has a cooperative relationship with KOICA.

 - Be a government/municipality official or a researcher / an instructor in state institute working in his/her home country with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Private sector employees are not eligible).

 - Have a good command of both spoken and written English to take classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and theses in English.

 - Be preferably under 40 years of age in good health, both physically and mentally, to complete the program. * Pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in this program. * Having Tuberculosis or any kind of contagious disease is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in this program.

 - Not be a person who has withdrawn from KOICA’s scholarship program. * Person belonging to the institution in which candidates submitted false documents and returned to his/her country arbitrarily in the middle of SP program cannot be applied - Have not participated in KOICA’s scholarship program or any of the Korean government’s Scholarship Program previously (Master’s degree program).


øAll documents should be sent to the regional KOICA office or the relevant government office.

øPlease do not send the materials to Korea University directly.

1) Completed application form (KUGSIS Application Form and KOICA Application Form)

2) Statement of Purpose (SOP): SOP is an essential part for our evaluation to see whether you are qualified for this program or not. It should be 3 pages, 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, describing the following factors: ∙ Your objectives applying for this program ∙ Your study plan at KUGSIS ∙ How your education and work experience qualify for this program ∙ Your contribution to the field of Economic Policy and Development and how KUGSIS-KOICA scholarship program will help you achieve your goals ∙ Future career path after completing this program

3) Two photos, 3 X 4 cm

4) Certificate of Degree (or Certificated Expected Graduation Form) of all colleges and graduate schools (must be written in English)

5) Official transcripts of all colleges and graduate schools - must be SEALED by the issuing institution, if not available, APOSTILLED or CONSUL VERIFIED - must be written in English.

6) A copy of passport

7) Two letters of recommendation from professors familiar with the applicant's academic work or from professional supervisors

8) TOEFL, IELTS score report * Native speakers of English or those who graduated from the university which all courses are conducted in English are exempt from this requirements. In this case, an official letter of explaining the medium of instruction for your University should be submitted. * TOEFL score report: please write down your “ID and Password” for the check-up.

9) Certificate of Employment (Optional)

10) Curriculum Vitae (Optional)

11) Oath of Undertaking for the Participant: Only successful applicants are required to submit this form.