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Study in Europe14 September 2015р.

Educational programmes, scholarships, and grants of the EU and EU member-countries 2014-2020


The European Union is a union of 28 countries working together for peace and well-being of its citizens. They achieve their goals by more and more tight integration in different spheres. Today in some of these spheres, the EU is already similar to a unitary state. For instance, in that which concerns agriculture and completion. These spheresare guided by the all-European legislation and norms, observance of which monitors the European Commission. At the same time, some spheres belong to the exceptional competence of the member-states. Education is among them. However, the EU’s role is large and continues to grow. The EU coordinates educational processes in the member-states, helps them to exchange the experience, contributes to mobility of teachers and students, and supports partner relations between higher educational institutions of different states. Educational programmes, in which citizens of the member states and educational institutions can participate, are financed from the Union’s budget. The combining of EU countries’ efforts became much more active in the 2000s when the Lisbon strategy had been signed: the program of reforms aimed at economic development and employment. In 2009 the Strategy of European cooperation in the field of higher education and training was signed which is calculated to 2020. One of the educational goals the EU is to make the part of people aged 30-34 increase at least for 40%. Cooperation in the framework of the EU in the field of education is based on the mutual acknowledgment by the member-states of the fact the quality knowledge and high qualification of the EU citizens are an immensely valuable asset.

Hereyou may find the following chapters:

·         EU and the field of education

·         Educational programme Erasmus+ of the EU: scholarships for studying and short-term exchange

·         College of Europe

·         Higher education in the EU member-states

This pamphletprovides information on education in the EU countries and necessary sites for finding programmes of different directions.


The information is taken from the site of the Erasmus office in Kyiv: