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Press release. Visiting the PUET Information Event17 October 2016р.

On October 11-12, 2016 the Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET) International Scientific and Educational Center organized and held the information event Development and improvement of university management in international relations: experience of the University of Bologna, Italy” within the TEMPUS UNIVIA Project on “Development and Improvement of University Administration on International Affairs”.

The representatives of the KNEU Centre of International Academic Mobility Andrii Chuzhykov and Roksoliana Liubachivska have attended the information event. The audience of the event included representatives of the department of international relations of Poltava higher educational institutions and lecturers of PUET.

The event was opened by the PUET Project Head Manager of the TEMPUS UNIVIA Project, Rector of the University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, prof. Oleksiy Nestulya, who presented the main project idea and objectives and multinational project team.

Project Coordinator of the PUET, Olga Reva presented the UNIVIA Project and the results of its implementation at the final stage.

The Vice-Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical work, Olena Cherniavska presented information about her experience on international cooperation of the University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy, as a result of the internship at the University of Bologna in June 2016, and described the structure of the UNIBO Department of International Relations and UNIBO internationalization strategy.

The information event included work in small groups to brainstorm and discuss the following topics: identification of key work directions of department of international relations of the University based on the experience of the University of Bologna and PUET, the role of the department of international relations at university project activity, what internationalization is and which barriers arising towards internationalization.

Participants of the event actively discussed the above-mentioned topics, shared their experience and advised prospects for the internationalization of educational activity of Ukrainian higher educational in institutions.

This event provided participants with opportunities to discuss common issues and learn features of structure formation of the UNIBO International Relations Department.