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NIAS Individual Fellowships for Advanced Research in Netherlands, 201625 Mart 2016р.

Deadline: 2016-April15

Country: Netherlands;



NIAS Individual Fellowships are awarded to senior scholars to carry out advanced research in the humanities and the social sciences. Fellows have at least three years of post-PhD degree academic experience and have already made a considerable contribution to their field.

About NIAS Individual Fellowships

NIAS Fellowships are funded directly by NIAS through the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
Fellowships are by application only and suit scholars from the Netherlands or scholars from abroad who wish to work on an individual project for one semester or two semesters at the Institute.

  • A NIAS fellowship awarded to a scholar from abroad includes subsidised accommodation (see also "What NIAS Offers"), lunches, a personal study, research facilities, one international return ticket.
  • NIAS fellowships for scholars from the Netherlands include fixed commuting allowance (see also "What NIAS Offers"), lunches, a personal study and research facilities (in special circumstances subsidized studio accommodation may be requested).
  • A NIAS Fellow affiliated with a Dutch university is entitled to a replacement subsidy for teaching duties.
  • A NIAS Fellow from outside the Netherlands can in some cases be entitled to a stipend.

For more information on stipends and replacement subsidies and an overview of all the facilities offered to a NIAS Fellow see "What NIAS Offers".

Please take into account that Fellows are expected to participate actively in academic and social events, and be present at the institute on a daily basis.

NIAS only offers a limited number of NIAS Fellowships each year and the competition is fierce (about 10% of all applications succeed). Please note that applications by former NIAS Fellows and scholars at the end of their career will be given low priority.

NIAS does not provide fellowships for training programmes or educational purposes. Nor does it offer courses, or financial support to conduct research elsewhere.

Eligibility criteria

  • At least 3 years of post-Ph.D. degree academic experience
  • A completed application form with all relevant attachments
  • Affiliation with a university or research institute

Selection criteria          

Applications are evaluated on the basis of originality, quality and relevance of the project proposal. Scholarly achievements, grants, awards and publication record are also taken into consideration in the selection process.

Selection procedure

All correctly submitted applications are screened for eligibility by the rector and the head of academic affairs. Only applications with a reasonable chance of success will, subsequently, be sent to external independent reviewers. Applicants who do not have a feasible chance of success are notified by email that NIAS does not intend sending their application to external reviewers for evaluation. Applicants can object to this decision by email. On the basis of the arguments given by the applicant, NIAS will decide whether or not to reconsider.

NIAS identifies high and low quality applications with the help of the external reviewers’ reports. The final decision on which applicants to invite for a NIAS Fellowship is made by the rector. The aim is to form a diverse but coherent research group that consists of fellows from different disciplinary backgrounds, seniority, gender and geographical origin.

For questions regarding NIAS Individual Fellowships please contact NIAS Nick den Hollander: +31 (0) 70 5122711