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Redlands International Summer Seminar: Insights into the US economy10 May 2016р.

Redlands International Summer Seminar: Insights into the US Economy Prepared for Students of the Kyiv National Economic University

July 10 - 24, 2016

The International Summer Seminar at the University of Redlands enables students to explore the varied and vibrant economy and culture of southern California. Students participate in a series of lectures to hear from experts on American business practices in such areas as finance, marketing, regulation, human resources, accounting, information technology, and international trade. Additionally, students visit companies to experience firsthand the application of business trends and economic conditions that make California an important part of the wider US and international markets. As part of the cultural program, students will attend local arts performances and sporting events, visit several of the world-famous southern California tourist sites, and make a visit to Las Vegas. The program concludes with a student Colloquium of presentations on aspects of the US economy that incorporate knowledge and impressions gained during the visit.

A sample of the variety of seminars led by faculty experts includes:
 The California Economy
 US Political Cycle and Elections
 US Foreign Policy
 Information Technology Workshop
 Regulation of the US Economy
 Ethical Considerations in US Business Practices
 Marketing in the US
 US Foreign Trade and Investment Relations
 The US Economy – Private and Public Sectors
 Banking and Finance in the US
 Legal Structures of the US Economy
 Accounting Practices and Structures for US Business
 Higher Education in the US: Contexts and Populations
Site Visits A sample of past corporate and organizational visits includes:
 Amazon Fulfilment Center
 Port of Los Angeles
 Commercial Centers
 Hoover Dam
 Federal Reserve Bank
Excursions A sample of the cultural program includes excursions to:
 Redlands Bowl theater and concert performances
 Disneyland
 Hollywood
 Las Vegas
 Professional baseball game
 Universal Studios


Students will be provided with a dining card for use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the University’s dining facilities (see picture below). The dining card will cover all meals during the days that the group is on campus.

Campus Dining Hours:
Breakfast - 7:00 – 9:00 Lunch 11:30 – 13:00 Dinner 17:00 – 18:30


The per person fee for the Summer Seminar paid by each participant is approximately $1500 and covers the lecture series, accommodation, campus meals, ground transportation around southern California, entrance fees to all local visits and excursions, and visit to Las Vegas. The fee does not include air transport from Europe to Los Angeles nor individual incidental expenses, which are the responsibility of program participants.

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