Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Center for Automation of the University Management


Director of the Centre
Svitlana V. Leshchuk
Tel. (044) -371-61-58

  • Department of automation of the educational process
  • Department of management with internal database
  • Department of Network Technology
  • Division of collaboration with the external ( public ) database

The Center provides :

  • automation of educational management ;
  • automation of economic management ;
  • the establishment and maintenance of modern software center servers and database management systems ;
  • the development, modification and use of networking courses;
  • Administration IDE (Integrated Development Environment)and use of network courses WebCT;
  • training of university teachers in the field of modern educational technology network use.
Tamara V. Davydyuk
Head of automation of the educational process.
Maksym O. Artyukhov
Head of the department dealing with external (public) database
Lidia F. Buyalo
Head of Internal Database Department
Andriy O. Pogrebny
Head of Network Department


Address: 03680, Kyiv , Peremoge Avenue, 54 /1, k.131
Center for Automation of the University Management
Phone: (44 ) 371-61-59

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