Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Main Information Systems Centre

General Information

The Main Information Systems Centre is KNEU's structural unit, whose activities are focused on:

  • supporting the implementation, the use and the maintenance of the computer hardware and peripherals, and software;
  • efficiently managing the use and the development of local-area networks and the Internet;
  • performing research and development work related to the support to the teaching process;
  • organising the provision of methodological service to teachers and employees in the field of computer hardware and novel information technologies.


Director of the Centre,
Vitaliy Trokhymenko

Deputy Director in
Charge of the Software

Dmytro Barykin

Chief Engineer
Viktor Stefiyenko



Head of Branch 1
Olha Pasichnyk

Head of Branch 2
Tetiana Hupalo

Head of Branch 3
Valery Pasichnyk

Head of Branch 4
Nataliya Motorna


Last redaction: 13.02.18