Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Brief Information

The Higher Education Institute organises scientific research in the field of competitive areas of development of the university-level education under conditions of the globalisation:

Firstly, in the field of science.
Secondly, in the field of education programmes.
Thirdly, in the field of consultancy.

However, the implementation of systemic proposals as a result of the monitoring and analytical assessment of activities of leading universities of the world is one of the most important activity areas of the Institute.  The achievements of the leading international universities are studied from the angles of:

  • the research activities, their priority areas and organisation;
  • the training of PhDs and ScDs;
  • the forms of partnership and international co-ordination of the research activities;
  • the nature and the motivation of the research and teaching activities;
  • the efficiency of the financial and economic mechanisms of the research activity.

The following is monitored by the Higher Education Institute:

  • trends and forecasts of the development of the higher education in the 21st century under circumstances of the democratisation and humanisation;
  • the international practice of the competence-based training of specialists;
  • the standardisation of the Bachelor and Master curricula;
  • the implementation of innovative technologies and students' knowledge assessment systems;
  • major forms of the organisation of consultancy services;
  • financial mechanisms of the consultancy activities of economics universities and business schools.

The objective of the establishment of the Higher Education Institute was to preserve and develop the human capital of the University defined as its research and teaching staff, employees and students on the basis of the international experience. In addition, major activity areas will cover, first of all, the elaboration of recommendations on the development of the University and its infrastructure.

There is an Intellectual Property Centre operating as a part of the Institute. It was established for the purposes of the commercialisation of results of the research and teaching activities of the University on the basis of the study of the international experience of systems of the intellectual property rights protection. Major functions of the Centre include the assurance of the obtainment by the University of property rights to intellectual property objects created as a result of its scientific activities and the commercialisation thereof, as well as the co-operation with the domestic and foreign business entities aimed at the expansion of the economic potential of the country.

Last redaction: 21.07.11