Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Economic Justice

The introduction of Master's Program "Economic Justice" (2009) was due to the significant role of specialized economic courts in the judicial system of Ukraine, and consequently, the professionals who perform their activity. Economic courts are one of the branches of the judiciary, which the Constitution of Ukraine and current legislation entrusted with the administration of justice in economic relations. Economic courts, as a specialized field in the judicial system of Ukraine, are designed not only to consider the case in disputes in order to protect the rights and legal interests of economic relations, but also to strengthen the rule of law in economic relations. Graduates of this Master's Program are specialists in the legal framework in the field of economic justice, law making and enforcement activity in this area. The branch of the legal regulation of the economy is created and operates in the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine.

Last redaction: 03.12.15