Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Management of international competitiveness

  The program is an exclusive project in Ukraine which will be carried out after the support of the American program of the name of Foolbrite and Ukrainian-Japanese   center. This program, unlike already existing on a faculty, has  a purpose to form such additional professional skills for graduating students:

  • the ability to explain and realize the specialized projects in the field of innovations, as a key factor of competitiveness of any structure;
  • the ability to estimate and carry  out the comparative analysis (benchmarking) of international business-environment with the purpose of successful realization of competition strategies; 
  • skills and abilities to provide leader positions and high competition status of subjects of economic fields on the market.

Producing department:  department of international economics.

The subject of the  training:  “Development of strategies of competition leadership”.

The purpose of the subject training is on the basis of the purchased knowledge and skills to develop strategy of competition leadership in relation to the different types of businesses, innovative educational establishments, regional production clusters, sectors of economics, countries and integration groups.

Directions of master's degree researches:

  1. International competitiveness of countries and regional integration groups.
  2. International competitiveness of enterprises, TNC, TNB.
  3. International competitiveness of regions, clusters.
  4. International competitiveness of sectors of economics.
  5. International competitiveness of small and middle business.
  6. International competitiveness of universities

Main bases of practice: Ministry of economics of Ukraine, Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine, Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine and other governmental structures, Council of competitiveness of Ukraine, leading international corporations which function in Ukraine (Intel, Microsoft and  other), the  known Ukrainian companies  (System capital management and others).

Future employment: experts concerning the questions of international competitiveness, specialists in the field of foreign economic activity of public institutions, consultants concerning the questions of  international enterprise, managers of innovative projects, analytic geometry, top-managers of TNC, managers of departments of the strategic planning of corporations.

Last redaction: 06.02.17