Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Department of Computer Mathematics and Information Security

The Advanced Mathematics Department of the Information Systems and Technologies Faculty is one of the leading departments in the field of the mathematical training in all higher education establishments of Ukraine, which train bachelors and masters in economic specialities.

The Advanced Mathematics course taught by the Department includes theoretical maths sections and applied maths sections dedicated to the study of real phenomena with theoretical mathematical methods. The applied maths lays the foundation for the mathematical modelling, qualitative and quantitative research into the mathematical models.

There are 8 experienced and highly qualified teachers at the Department.

Bachelor-level disciplines
Introduction to Information Security
Applied cryptology
Integrated security system inforatsiyi
Information Security State
Information Theory and Coding
Information Security Management
Theoretical Foundations secure IT
Mathematical analysis
Special sections of mathematics
Game Theory
Computer mathematics
The history of mathematics, science, technology
Digital signal processing and images
Quantum cryptography
Advanced Mathematics (ISTF)
Advanced Mathematics for Economists
Discrete Mathematics
Mathematical Economics
Data Analysis
Basic theory of numbers, signals and processes in electronics
Operational calculus and its application
Actuarial mathematics
The theory of random processes
Random processes
Security of Intellectual Information Systems
Information Protection
Information Business Economics and Organisation
Internet Technologies in Business
Information Security
Information Management
Applied Programming Tools
Computer Networks
Data Models and Structures
Information Technologies Management Models
Business Process Modelling
Information Technologies Monitoring
Object-oriented Programming
Foundations of Programming and Algorithmic Languages
Applied Software
Programming Systems and Operating Systems
Monitoring Systems in Economy
Programming and Software Product Development Technologies
Software and Intellectual System Development Technology
Information Technologies Project Management
Information Resource Management
Artificial Intellect in the Management of Economic Systems
Intellectual Information Systems Project Management
Theory of algorithms
Administration of information systems and networks
Web-design and Web-programming
Technologies and the creation of multiplayer
Algorithmic and Programming
Computer circuitry and architecture of computers
Computer architecture
Web-technology and Web Design
Algorithms and Data Structures
Architecture IT companies
Methods of Artificial Intelligence
Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms
Creating your own IT- business
Technologies distributed systems and parallel computing
Technology of creation software
Algebra and Geometry
The theory of differential and difference equations
Differential equations
Cross-platform programming (Information Management Department)
IT Monitoring
Programming and algorithmic languages
Cloud Computing Technology (Information Management Department)
Protection Technologies Information Systems