Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Statistics Department

The activities of the Statistics Department are associated with the development of a novel methodology of the statistical analysis of socio-economic phenomena and processes focused on the application of international achievements in the field of statistics adapted to the current tasks of the innovation and investment-based development of Ukraine.The Department fosters the evolution of professional, organisational and institutional conditions in Ukraine for the development of the modern information environment and the efficient competition on the global market of statistical and information analysis services; it provides bachelor and master-level students with the knowledge and skills required for the profound and comprehensive analysis of mass data as the basis for the management of socio-economic phenomena and processes at the micro and macro levels. The Department is training top-qualified specialists (ScDs and PhDs) capable of performing the priority assignments of the Government.

It contributes to the formation of a new generation of highly qualified economists in Ukraine, who are able to understand and cognize laws of the evolution and the development of socio-economic phenomena and processes. This is because an applied statistician is an economist and analyst, who has top qualification in the field of the management of various sectors of the economy, including: industry, finance, banking, public governance, etc. He is conversant with modern information acquisition, database development, economic situation analysis and forecasting techniques using novel information technologies, and is able to manage economic objects in conditions of the uncertainty.

Another important task of the department is the teaching of statistical disciplines to students of other economic specialities in order to develop the knowledge and skills in selecting and processing mass quantitative data, their evaluation and analysis as the basis of the information and analytical support to the management of socio-economic processes.

The teaching and research activities of the Department call for the training of bachelor and master-level statisticians in the following fields: Economic Statistics; Finance and Banking Statistics; Market Statistics; Social and Demographic Statistics; Legal Statistics; Public Statistics, etc. Students, which study Applied Statistics, acquire systemic knowledge of the basic economy and the use of methods of the economic and statistical analysis, forecasting and modelling of the economic development of enterprises, markets, countries and regions.

The work on the involvement of prominent researchers and leading specialists in the statistics theory and methodology, specialists with the experience of the scientific work in institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and research institutes of ministries, etc. are an important factor in the development of the Department's activities.

In addition to the educational work in the field of the training of statisticians, the Department provides basis for the evolution of the scientific and management elite in statistics via its post-graduate and doctoral schools, which become more and more competitive with every year.