Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Mykhailiuk Mykhailo Andriiovych

department: Political Economy department
Position :
teacher degree: associate professor
Degree : PhD in Economics
Experience : 20
Biography :
Mihailyuk Mihailo I was born on January, 5 1957 in the v. Коzhеniki Bilocerkovskyi region, Ukraine. In 1983р. made off the economic faculty of the Kyiv state university the name of Т.G.Shevchenko. In 2002 passed on a competition on position of senior teacher of department of political economy of registration-economic faculties of КNЕU the name of Vadym Гетьмана. From 2006 passed on a competition on position of associate professor. Circle of scientific interests : innovative type of recreation of economy in a postіndustry period.