Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Research Activities

The research work plan provides for the research into the following subjects to be carried out by teachers of the Department  :

1. The constitutional process in the European Union.
2. The relationship of the national and international law in the field of the economic co-operation between the states.
3. International economic organisations.
4. Legal aspects of the international economic co-operation of the states.
5. Advertising business in Ukraine and the EU.
6. Corporate law of the European Union
7. Co-operation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of the environmental protection.

Teachers of the department have authored numerous research papers, for instance, in scientific periodicals: Pravo Ukrayiny; Pidpryiemnytstvo, hospodarstvo i pravo; Yurydychnyi zhurnal, Yurydychna Ukrayina, Chasopys Kyivskoho Universytetu Prava, Naukovyi visnyk Natsionalnoyi Akademiyi derzhavnoyi podatkovoyi sluzhby Ukrayiny, in professional newspapers, such as: Holos Ukrayiny and Yuridicheskaya praktika, and in other collections of materials of the scientific and practical conferences, seminars, roundtables, etc.

Last redaction: 18.10.19