Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Methodological work

The main objective of the Department is to improve the quality of language teaching due to:

  • introduction of innovative methods and technologies;
  • implementation of the results of scientific research into classroom practice;
  • development of effective system of assessment and control.

  Innovative methods of teaching are used to intensify the development of students’ knowledge and skills, to engage them into more specialized study, to improve their capacity to use knowledge and skills for varied developmental pursuits and foundation for lifelong learning.

In the framework of the communicative language teaching process the students are involved in meaning-focused communicative tasks. Professional communicative competences are acquired by students in different real-life and job-related areas and situations.

Innovative methods of language teaching, such as case-studies, role-games, problem-solving discussions are widely used to involve all the students at every stage of the lesson, to encourage them to use people-management skills and to facilitate their creative thinking.

The main components of the methodological work of the Department are aimed at:

  • improving the methodological process of syllabus development in compliance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • refining formative and summative assessment schemes;
  • organizing national and international tertiary conferences;
  • arranging students’ scientific conferences;
  • implementing innovative methods of language learning;
  • publishing textbooks and coursebooks.
Last redaction: 22.01.20