Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Educational activity

Teachers of faculty are taught  normative discipline the International economics for bachelors, 16 specialities on 9 faculties of university. In addition, a faculty produces for the master's degree program Management of international competitiveness on the faculty of international economics and management.   Within the framework of curriculum of this program such specialized disciplines are taught:

  • Management of  international competitiveness (professors  Antonyuk L.L., Shvidanenko  O. A.);
  • Global competition leadership (prof. Shvidanenko  O. A.);
  • International competition policy of Ukraine (prof. Stolyarchuk Ya. M.);     Intellectual property management (associate professor  Il'nickiy D. O.).

A faculty comes forward the active provider of the most modern educational technologies and methods in the process of teaching. During the last years of system character purchased the use in the educational process of such innovative methods, as presentations of lecture, problem lecture, lecture-dialogue, lecture with the elements of collective research, interactive lecture, lecture-discussion, lecture with the elements of heuristic conversation and lecture of coaching. Thus the lead through of lecture  includes  the wide use of multimedia .

During the lead through of practical lectures are used  such forms of activation of creative activity of students , as methods of keys, business games, trainings, cerebral assaults, videos-conferences, sinemalogic facilities and others.

All disciplines which are taught by a faculty department are provided with  modern textbooks, train aids, practical works, and also electronic variants of lecture and study-methodological materials. In addition, students have a regular access to the powerful electronic base of statistical information and analyst reports of international companies Euro resource.

The row of the special courses, trainings and classes of masters, are taught by  the leading specialists of foreign universities (The USA, Great Britain, Germany), with which a faculty supports partner relations.

Considerable attention in an educational process is spared to the forming of the future economists-specialists professional and general competences, the results of which are incarnated in preparation of master's degree diploma works after the most actual themes, which have an important scientific and practical value.

Last redaction: 24.09.15