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Financial Controlling

    The course of study "Financial Controlling" is part of the specificsubjects for masters on a specialty "Finance and credit" in all master's programs and is necessary for the master program "Financial Controlling."

    The subject of studying discipline is theoretical principles, methods and tools of financial controlling in business. Financial Controlling oriented to informational support and coordination of administrative decisions that involves the use of technology budgeting, strategic planning, management accounting, financial diagnosis, risk management, financial communications, internal consulting and monitoring, which together focused on the optimization of financial solutions and maximize value.

    The purpose of teaching is to provide students with basic knowledge on the organization of financial controlling, methods and techniques of informational support, coordination and control of financial and economic decision-making in the process of studythis subject solved the following tasks:

  • clarification of the nature of financial controlling, its necessity and functional tasks;
  • skill acquisition of financial controlling organization, the practical application of his methods and technologies;
  • skill acquisition of strategic financial controlling;
  • acquirement of the operational financial controlling tools;
  • the development of methodical methods of transfer pricing and expenditure accounting;
  • the development of mechanisms for budgeting and budgetary control in business;
  • acquirement the tools of controlling behavior;
  • getting acquainted of modern methods of financial diagnostics of companies and their ranking.

    The studying of discipline provides indepth practical training of students based on solutionof practically oriented case studies, analytical situations, the organization of work with empirical data in small groups.


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