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Insurance (sample)

The discipline "Insurance" of bachelor's level for students majoring 6503, 6504, 6507, 6509, direction "Economy and business" and specialty 6601, direction "Management and administration" is selective and has a theoretical and applied nature: in theoretical terms it is designed to provide knowledge about the fundamentals of the insurance organization, conditions for the functioning of insurance companies and insurance market, state regulation of insurance; in the application - to form skills for evaluating the solvency of an insurance company; the settlement of premiums and benefits, management decision-making in the exercise of property, liability, life and health insurance.


The aim of mastering the discipline in the context of preparingspecialists of a certain specialty. Its relationship with other disciplines (sciences) of the curriculum.

The purpose of disciplineis the consistent formation of students' basic knowledge of the insurance theory and practice.

In the process of teaching the discipline the following tasks are being solved:

• to form a deep understanding of insurance relations occurring in the insurance companies and the insurance market for students;

• to form the ability to think independently, to identify and analyze insurance relations, to take management decisions;

• to learn the objective need, the essence and role of insurance in terms of building a socially oriented market economy;

• to examine methodological basis of risk assessment and determination of insurance premiums for insurance contracts;

• to learn the organizational structure of the insurance market of Ukraine and globalization features in it;

• to know the need, importance and methods of state regulation of insurance;

• to master the features of property insurance, liability and personal insurance, and reinsurance;

• to examine the nature and importance of the solvency of insurance companies;

• to know macroeconomic indicators of the global insurance market; to navigate the features of leading regional and national insurance markets (UK, Germany and other countries).


The subject of disciplineis the set of financial relations arising between subjects of the insurance market on the sale of insurance products.

The discipline "Insurance" has a consistent and strong relationship with the following sciences: "Business Economics", "Marketing", "Sales Management", "Consumer Behavior", "Finance", "International Economics" and so on.


The list of knowledge and skills, which will come after a student has mastered the discipline.

As a result of studying the discipline, a student will know:

• the categorical and conceptual apparatus of insurance science;

• the economic nature of insurance, its features, principles, role and place in modern conditions of economic development;

• the main approaches to the insurance classification;

• methodological aspects of the insurance risk assessment and determining insurance premium;

• the relationship between the parties (insurer and insured) under the insurance contract, order execution and maintenance of an insurance contract;

• nature of the insurance market as an economic phenomenon, institutional structure and prospects of development of the domestic insurance market structure and trends of the global insurance market and their impact on the domestic insurance market;

• specifics of state regulation of insurance activity in Ukraine;

• the establishment, operation and liquidation of the insurance company;

• the necessity and mechanism of coinsurance and reinsurance application;

• methods to ensure the solvency of insurance companies;

• peculiarities of life insurance, health, property insurance, banking risks, motor and aviation insurance, insurance of liability of the sources of increased danger owners.

will be able to:

• insight into the theoretical and applied nature for

    deep understanding of insurance issues;

• distinguish features of insurance relations in various stages of human civilization development;

• describe the main approaches to understanding the economic nature of


• determine the amount of insurance compensation for different systems of

    insurance coverage;

• determine the sum of insured loss and its elements;

• calculate basic indicators of insurance statistics;

• calculate the size of the insurance tariff;

• determine the value of premiums for life insurance contracts,

    property and liability insurance;

• assess the situation and identify the ways of improving the regulatory

    framework governing insurance activities;

• analyze the current state of insurance in Ukraine;

• develop an insurance contract;

• assess the solvency of the insurance company;

• determine the liability of the parties for reinsurance contracts;

• summarize trends and patterns of domestic and global insurance markets;

• use knowledge of insurance to solve professional problems.



The scope of the implementation of acquired knowledge and skills in the future profession.

 Students can apply knowledge and skills acquired in the study of this discipline, working in institutions, organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms and economic activities. They can be used by graduates in the positions of managers, economists, financial advisors, financial analysts, experts, civil servants of specialized institutions.


Summary course offered for students to study in modules and topics.

Topic 1. Essence, principles and role of insurance

Topic.2. The origins of insurance and its development

Topic 3. Methodological basis of risk assessment and determination of insurance premiums

Topic 4. Insurance market

Topic 5. State regulation of insurance activity

Topic 6. Insurance company

Topic 7. Insurance contract

Topic 8. Property and liability insurance

Topic 9. Personal insurance

Topic 10. Reinsurance

Topic 11. The solvency of insurance companies

Topic 12. Global insurance market


Teaching staff:Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. O.V. Dymnich, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. T.D.Kryvoshlyk


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