Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Academic Curricula and University Rating Research Section

The Academic Curricula and University Rating Research Section is one of the units of the Higher Education Institute of Vadym Hetman KNEU.

The objective of the Section is to perform the systemic analysis of academic profiles of world-class universities and factors of their high competitive status for the assurance of the strategic positioning of KNEU as one of the leading research universities in Ukraine and the world.


1. Analysis, generalisation and systematisation of materials on academic curricula in leading universities of the world:

  • the ascertainment of specific features of instruction curricula at the level of the first and second cycles of education (Bachelor and Master courses) in research universities;
  • the study of contemporary models of the integration of the training of young scientists into the system of the university learning and the development of the third education cycle;
  • the analysis of offers of other education services by universities in the context of the implementation of the "lifelong learning" concept.

2. Research into materials of the international ratings of universities, preparation of appropriate information reviews and reports:

  • the monitoring of national and international university ratings;
  • the analysis of factors and ways of improving the international competitiveness of universities;
  • the study of issues of the formation of the image and the positioning of universities on the national and international education service markets;
  • the preparation for the inclusion of KNEU into objects of assessment in major international university rating systems.
Last redaction: 20.07.20
  • Research into specific features of bachelor and master curricula in economics in the leading universities of the world;
  • Scientific component in curricula of three cycles of education;
  • Study of specific features of the doctoral studies (PhD) in Europe and the USA;
  • Specific features and strategic positions of research universities;
  • Research into ratings of international class universities;
  • Co-operation with QS company in respect of the involvement of KNEU into QS World University Rankings;
  • Co-operation with Focus magazine in terms of the rating of higher education establishments of Ukraine;
  • Autonomy of universities in Europe;
  • Comparative profiles of National Qualifications Frameworks in European countries;
  • Modern innovative technologies of instruction and study in universities;
  • Systems of students' knowledge assessment in foreign countries.Principles, policies, types, methods, tools and strategies of assessment in research universities;
  • Standards and recommendations in respect of the assurance of the education quality in the European Higher Education Area;
  • Purpose of the ECTS system and specific features of its utilisation abroad;
  • Research into job duties and rights, activities (instruction, research, administration), and the allocation of time of professors and teachers in foreign universities among these activities;
  • Assessment of the study work of students within the higher education quality assurance system.;
  • Signing of the co-operation memorandum within the scope of the Modern Education FormulaS Social Project
  • Project 4049 of the invitation of specialists from leading USA universities within the scope of the Fulbright Specialist Program
  • Co-operation and partnership with universities from Americas, Japan and France
  • Domestic and foreign grants, scholarships and contests for young researchers and students of Ukraine.


1.  Fulbright International Exchange Program
2.  University of Redlands, USA
3.  Modern Education — FormulaS Social Project.