Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Investment Project Finance

Supervisor of the Program - Tetiana V. Mayorova , Head of Investment Banking Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, awarded with “Petrj Mohyla”Mark of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine || Phone: (044) 371-62-65 e-mail: 

The object of this program is the system of financial and credit relations arising in the process of mobilizing resources to fund the development of investment projects.

Master's Program "Financing of investment projects" is aimed at training specialists and managers at all levels of banks, lending institutions, asset management companies (AMC), nonpublic pension funds, leasing, insurance and other financial companies, as well as specialists and managers of financial and analytical departments of enterprises in industrial sector, entrepreneurs who wish to acquire a deep vocational training on the organization of financing of investment projects.

Significant features of the Master's Program:

• Deep fundamental training. Basic course: Money and Credit, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics.

• Professionally - oriented training is based on the study of disciplines: Banking, Credit Management, Project Finance, Investment Analysis, Investment Lending, Mortgage Market, Project  Estimating, Portfolio investment.

• Master’s Program can extend and deepen knowledge of future experts in financing and lending to Investment Projects.

• Specialized object of activities under this Program is: Banks and other financial intermediaries in the implementation of the investment process.

 Tasks of the Master's Program:

• To form skills of organizing the financing of investment projects and portfolio management of financial investments.

• Obtaining basic theoretical and practical knowledge in financial security of investment activities of economic entities.

• Mastering theoretical principles and practical skills of analytical work with the aim to determine the value of the investment capital.

• Obtaining basic knowledge in investment analysis.

• Obtaining basic knowledge and practical skills in crediting investment projects, evaluation of investment creditworthiness of the customer, risk management of investment lending.

• Gain knowledge on organization and functioning of the mortgage market.

• Providing basic knowledge and practical skills on activities in finansial mediation and financial investment.

The list of professional knowledge and skills acquired due to mastering this Program:

To analyze: investment market; investment attractiveness of the issuing company (industry, region, country); feasibility studies of investment projects; the volume of construction, installation, design, survey and other major works according to the project; sources of financing of investment projects; effectiveness of investment decisions (choice of financial assets for portfolio investment); the effectiveness of portfolio management

To organize: financing of investment projects; professional processing of project documents; detailed analysis of the estimates (local, object, summary estimates).

To develop: a business plan of the investment project; budget of the investment project; the investment policy of the financial institution; strategy, tactics of formation and restructuring of the securities portfolio.

To identify: project finance facilities; optimal structure of sources of project investment financing; cost and yield of financial instruments to investors; investment risks and measures to minimize them.

To estimate: possible participation of financial institutions in the implementation of investment projects; investment projects; financial instruments; investment creditworthiness of customers; property and proprietary rights of investment entities; quality and reliability of estimates concluded (local, object and summary estimated calculation).

Training under the Master’s Program and vocational training in financing of investment projects is provided by:

• attracting highly qualified teaching staff;

• use of the latest educational technologies that provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the field of financing of investment projects;

• using flexible forms of education, individual approach to students, the possibility of combining training with research work while writing the Master’s graduation papers under the guidance of highly qualified teachers;

• holding consultative, problem theoretical and methodological studies, training in financial management of enterprises, the participation of students in scientific conferences on topical issues of funding and financing of investment projects.

The Master's Program "Financing of investment projects" provides training of specialists who can independently make effective decisions about the involvement of their own, loan and borrowed funds to finance investment projects.

Trained experts under the program can work as heads of financial institutions, financial, investment managers and analysts in organizations of various sectors and industries, to develop investment strategy of enterprises.


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