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Financial Market

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

This master programme has been in existence since 2008. It covers the development and the implementation of the financing strategy and tactics at the macro and micro levels; the management of issuance activities of economic entities; the management of investment activities of economic entities; the organisation and performance of control in the course of the mobilisation, the allocation and the use of financial resources; the financial planning and forecasting at the macro and micro levels; the regulation of relations among financial market entities.

Graduating department: Department of "Financial markets".

Professional orientation of specific disciplines: while being trained under the Master’s Program "Financial market" the students acquire professional competence in relation to: monitoring and analysis of the financial services market, the implementation of fundamental and technical analysis when making decisions on the management of financial assets; risk assessment and the effectiveness of asset management; analysis of financial statements of the corporation; monitoring the effectiveness and quality of the financial market infrastructure entities and more.

Interdisciplinary training: the need for a comprehensive approach to train students under the Master’s Program "Financial market" provides for interdisciplinary training covering the subjects "The state in the financial market", "Corporation in the financial market", "Financial market infrastructure" and "Financial assets management" . Holding interdisciplinary training allows students to consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they acquired while studying professionally oriented disciplines.

Directions od Master’s research:
1. Principles of operation and segmentation of financial market.
2. Instruments of the financial market.
3. Financial intermediaries.
4. The state in the financial market.
5. Corporation in the financial market.
6. The financial market infrastructure.
7. Financial assets management.

The main base for practical training: State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, the National Depository of Ukraine, asset management companies, stock exchanges, registrars, custodians, securities firms, commercial banks.
Future employment: managers of financial companies, officials of relevant agencies, experts, analysts and others.

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