Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Regional Economics and Local Governance

Last redaction: 08.05.18
Economy of Ukrainian Regions

The purpose of the course "Economy of Ukrainian Regions" is to form deep knowledge in functioning the economic and social  systems of Ukrainian  regions as well as understanding  the need of economic policy harmonization on the national and regional level  taking into account economic and political interests of players, resource endowment and distribution, regional management mechanisms influenced by domestic and global factors

Paradigms of Regional Development: Theory and Policy
The purpose of the course "Paradigms of Regional Development:Theory  and Policy" is to form among students an understanding of  modern and traditional theoretical concepts of regional/spatial development,  as well as epistemic worldview preferences and values to application of certain regional scientific concepts in the description of regional development of Ukraine; master descriptive and econometric methodical tools for the analysis, evaluation and forcast of spatial processes at the regional level in order to work out appropriate regional development strategies, as well as approaches to implementing efficient regional policy