Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Psychology, specialization - Economic and social psychology

The list of subjects of the curriculum, area of expertise "0315" Socio-Political Sciences", specialty" 6.030102 "Psychology"
Faculty trains specialists for educational qualification of "Bachelor" in specialty "Psychology, Specialization - Economic and Social Psychology":
- Specialist (Psychology)
The training term for bachelors:
- Full-time - 4 years.

Competitive advantages:
high quality education in prestigious university;
- The acquisition of important professional experience - knowledge of psychological theory and practice in the context of the peculiarities of their realization in contemporary economic activities (considering the psychological aspects of management, business processes, etc.) and in various areas of social practice.

professional activities in various areas:
- work with the staff (training, retraining, professional selection and adaptation to the workplace, career management);
- work as internal business trainer and coach;
- psychological support of business projects
- advisory and psycho-diagnostic work;
- work in education;
- psychotherapeutic work (assuming ...) and so on.

social significance and relevance of the profession
Today the specialty “Psychology” in economyis very promising and popular.
Graduates work in the HR departments of companies and organizations of various levels; in personnel and advertising agencies; in employment services; in training centers and consulting organizations; in the media, Image-Making and PR; in public and private universities, schools and kindergartens, medical institutions; engaged in private consulting and psychotherapy practices, research work and teaching.

Initial positions that graduates with educational qualification "Bachelor" can hold in this area:
• organizational psychologist,
• business coach,
• psychology teacher in educational institution,
• psychologist of educational institution,
• Head of Educational Laboratory,
• Counseling Psychologist in social and psychological services,
• psychologist of the penitentiary system,
• HR Manager,
• psychotherapist,
• coach
• Methodist of the training staff department.
 Psychologists in economics will soon enjoy high demand in the labor market


The list of competitive subjects (EIT certificate) required for admission to the profession Psychology, Specialization - Economic and social psychology:

List of competitive subjects (EIT certificate)

The weighting factor

The minimum score for admission to the competition



1. Ukrainian




2. Biology




3. Foreign Language (English;French; German; Spanish)  

History of Ukraine    





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