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Vocational training, specialization - Professional Education (Economics)

The list of subjects of the curriculum, area of expertise "Education" specialty "Professional Education, specialization - Professional education (economics)"

ECONOMIST - TEACHER is a NEW prestigious and competitive SPECIALTY
"Professional education, specialization - Professional education (Economics)" –

"The teacher of vocational training in Economics, an expert in Economy"
Educational qualification: Bachelor

- Teacher of professional training in Economics, an expert in Economy.
The training term for bachelors:
- Full-time - 4 years.

Thorough interdisciplinary training gives possibility of obtaining two specialties: "Teacher of professional training in Economics, an expert in Economy."

Graduates receive employment opportunities in two areas: educational and economic, in the spheres related to social and educational activities, staff training, improvement of their skills; training activities; they can realize their pedagogical skills in vocational schools that provide economic education, or in postgraduate professional education. As well as in currently popular business education, educational projects, coaching, etc; they can work in small and medium business, insurance, banking and financial services, governance and state regulation of economic processes; successfully serve as directors and managers of different levels and areas of the organization.

Initial positions that graduates with  educational qualification of "Bachelor" can hold in this field are: teacher of training institutions with I-II levels of accreditation, mentor, teacher of vocational educational institution, instructor of industrial training, instructor of industrial training of workers of mass trades, master of trade education, master of training center, teacher-trainee, engineer-manager, head of educational laboratory, designer, economist, marketing economist, purchase manager, sales manager, logistics, administrator, office manager, organizer of congresses and trade fairs, and others.

In the future, we expect to train KNEU students with Bachelor’s degree under Master's programs.
Professional experience covers the following areas:
• teaching economic disciplines in higher and vocational education, postgraduate education centers;
• management of personnel development;
• organization of training and retraining of employees using innovative technologies;
• working as internal trainer and coach;
• organization of social and educational work

Graduates successfully implement their careers as teachers of economic disciplines in educational institutions, business coaches in training companies, professionals or heads of training and staff development, corporate university of enterprises and organizations.
List of competitive subjects (EIT certificate) required for admission to the profession Professional Education, Specialization - Professional Education (Economics):

List of competitive subjects (EIT certificate)

The weighting factor

The minimum score for admission to the competition



1. Ukraininan




2. History of Ukraine




3. Mathematics

Foreign language






The admission is only offered for full-time education.

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