Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Sociology, specialization - Sociology of Economics and Business

The list of subjects of the curriculum, area of expertise 0301 "Social and Political Sciences"
Major: Sociology
Specialty "Sociology of Economics and Business."
Educational qualification: Bachelor (full-time education).

The specialty "Sociology”, specialization “Sociology of Economics and Business" provides students with fundamental knowledge in such fields as: Economics, Political science, Philosophy, History, Law, Foreign languages ​​and so on.The greatest amount of sociological training of students take profession-oriented disciplines, including General sociological theory, History of Sociology, Sociology of Economics, Sociology of Labor and Management, Sociology of Business, Sociology of Advertising, Sociology of Marketing, Sociology of Management, Methods of collection and analysis of sociological data and others.

Students also undergo practical training at well-known sociological and educational institutions and organizations, during which their skills are formed.
Graduates of the higher educational establishment with the qualification "Bachelor of Sociology" can work in the following areas: education; science and scientific services; culture; social welfare; economy; finances; citizens' associations and others.

The types of activities in which sociologists with Bachelor’s degree can be involved in are as follows: data processing; work with databases; market research; statistics; activities in the field of public relations;citizens’ organizations; Public Opinion Research; the sphere of mass media (radio, television, press, Internet); research and development in the humanities and social sciences; support activities in public administration and so on.

The knowledge that students receive after obtaining the specialty "Sociology - specialization Sociology of Economics and Business":
-ability to realise cognitive opportunities of social and economic approach to the study of the society;
-explain the basic laws of a society as a social system, its basic components and system features;
-understand the essence, types, functions and stages of sociological research;
-determine the basic scope and specific quantitative and qualitative methods of gathering sociological information correctly;
-understand structure and features of sociological tools.

-to use acquired analytical skills to analyze the latest transformations in modern society;
-to work out programs of sociological research;
-to form sociological research questionnaire correctly and avoid common errors in its design;
-to choose correctly and use effectively the methods of collecting sociological information in practice;
-to implement processing and analysis of social data;
-ability to present the results of sociological research correctly.

Last redaction: 03.04.19