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Insurance Management

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015
The Master's Program has existed since 2002. It has been mastered by almost 600 students. The Program is universal  in terms of covering business processes and types of insurance with a focus on management activities in insurance organizations, intermediary structures and associations of insurance organizations.
Graduating department: Insurance Department.

Professional orientation of special disciplines: undergraduates in Insurance Management acquire professional competence in relation to: assessment of the level of competition in the insurance market; management of the process of establishment and development of insurance companies; development of strategies and tactics of the development of insurer in general and in individual activities; managing operational, investment and financial risk insurers; accounting and reporting in insurance organizations; tariff development, reinsurance and financial policies of the insurer; insurance risk selection and formation of insurance reserves; insurance and investment portfolio management.

Interdisciplinary training: The aim is generalization of acquired theoretical knowledge, application of experience and skills acquired during the practical training in insurance organizations to create a holistic view of the main directions and insurance management tools; the formation of a complete team that can cope with the tasks, all the members of which have the skills of effective communication and group interaction, formation of abilities to allocate powers, responsibilities of the performer of work, the desire to achieve high team performance and build on this base competitiveness on the stage of election or clarification of the scope of their future professional managerial work.

Directions of Master’s research:
1. The functioning of the insurance market and its individual segments.
2. Strategic and other types of planning in insurance organizations.
3. Identification of needs and working over sale conditions of insurance.
4. Management of reinsurance operations.
5. Settlement of insurance claims.
6. Financial reliability management of insurance companies.

The main base for practical training: domestic insurance and reinsurance companies; branches of foreign insurers, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers; insurance intermediaries; associations of insurance companies; bodies of state regulation of financial services.
Future employment: managers of insurance companies, underwriters, actuaries, accident commissioners, officials of relevant agencies, economists, experts, analysts, and researchers.

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