Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Educational Methodology Work

The following are the major lines of the educational methodology work of the Department: 

  • the development of curricula for the training of specialists in the Personnel Management and Labour Economics, the implementation of new disciplines;
  • the development and introduction of changes into teaching programmes, course passports, changes in names and contents of disciplines in line with novel trends in the field of the personnel management and labour economics;
  • the development of the educational methodology literature and remote courses;
  • the development of lecturing, seminar and workshop technologies relying on innovative teaching methods: interactive forms, illustrations (slides), training courses, practical assignments, case studies, computer software, etc.;
  • the development of subjects and methodologies of the development of the course work, the master diploma theses and criteria of their evaluation;
  • the preparation of methodological materials on the organisation of holding and the criteria of assessment of inter-disciplinary training courses for 4th and 5th year students of Personnel Management and Labour Economics;
  • the development of a programme and methodological recommendations on the internship of students; the development of report evaluation criteria;
  • the preparation of core and selective assignments for the students' standalone work, the methodological recommendations on their performance, and the evaluation criteria;
  • the development of methodological materials related to the ongoing and final control of the students' knowledge;
  • the development of topics of abstracts and entrance examinations to the post-graduate school;
  • the organisation and the holding of subject-oriented and methodological seminars.

The department has organised work of sections in Labour Economics and Social/Labour Relations and Personnel Management. The enhancement of the competence of teachers of the department, the unification of the approach toward the teaching of disciplines on the basis of competencies, and the implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process are the major objective of the sections.

The Department has established a Personnel Management Training Centre, whose major objective is the improvement of the competitiveness of graduates of the Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department on the basis of the improvement of their practical training. The objectives of the Centre include: the organisational and methodological support to training courses on the basis of virtual structures; the utilisation of innovative study technologies in the teaching process; the organisation of the internship of students on the basis of virtual structures; the involvement of personnel management and labour economics practitioners into the teaching process, etc.

Last redaction: 14.02.19