Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Anatoliy Kolot

department: Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department
Position : Professor, Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work
teacher degree: professor
Degree : Doctor of Economics
Experience : 40
Biography :

Doctor of Science, Economics, professor, honoured worker of science and technology in Ukraine, vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, Head of Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.

Dr. Kolot is the founder of scientific school of Personnel Management and Labour Economics. He was one of the first scientists who at dawn of the independence of Ukraine  started fundamental researches in such issues as labor in the formation and development of market economy, social partnership, social cohesion, social responsibility of economic entities, the state and civil society and social policy.

Born Oct. 28, 1950 in Kirovograd region. Graduated from Kiev Institute of National Economy in 1971. His career path started at Research and utilization center of labor organization and production management. Later Dr. Kolot worked at Kiev State University of Taras Shevchenko. Since 1992 he has been working at  Kiev State University of Economics (now - Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman) as an associate professor, deputy head of Labour Resources Department, vice rector, director of scientific and methodological center, vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, Head of Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department.


His major areas of activity as vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work are bachelors and masters training, instruction department management, coordination of university libraries, KNEU publishing office, and Employment Promotion Center “Perspectives”

During recent years Dr. Kolot has been actively developing new regulations in the field of higher education in Ukraine. He made a significant contribution to the implementation of fundamental principles of the Bologna Declaration in training of highly qualified specialists in economics. Currently his research activities are focused on the issues social and labor relations, social policy, motivation, social dialogue and social responsibility.


Professor A. Kolot provides scientific management for the Institute of social and labour relations, established in 2011 on the basis of the scientific potential of the Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department.

The main aim of the Institute is to perform basic and applied scientific research with social and labor issues at micro, macro, European and global levels.

Nowadays scientific and pedagogical staff of the department and the Institute of social and labour relations implement numerous research projects, including:

  • commissioned by the European Commission (project Tempus): «The acquisition of professional and entrepreneurial skills through entrepreneurial spirit education and consulting beginning entrepreneurs";
  • Commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, "Socio-economic mechanisms of ensuring decent work conditions in European integration processes and innovative investment model of economic development of Ukraine."

Dr. Kolot`s  total number off publication is 310. He is the author and co-author of 26 monographs and 31 textbooks and manuals. Dr. Kolot`s works are  widely known and very popular among workers in the system of higher education, students, postgraduates, as well as among the representatives of government, social partnership, and experts of real economy sector.

Dr. Kolot has some of the best indicators of the number of scientific publications and their citation among Ukrainian scientists and economists. Thus, as of 01.09.2015 according to Hirsch index (citation index of scientific works) Dr. Kolot holds the 16th position among academic economists of Ukraine and one of the leading positions among  academic economists  of KNEU  (shares the second and the  third position  with professor V. Vitlinskiy). His most popular and cited monographs are " Social and Labor Relations: Theory and Practice  of Regulation" (2003), "Remuneration at Enterprises: organization and improvement" (1997), "Social Security: Theory and Ukrainian Practice" (2006), "Global Economy in  XXI century: The Human Dimension "(2008)," Studies of Labour Compensation Issues: Comparative Analysis (Ukraine and EU Countries) "(2008)," Labour Relations Socialization  in the Context of Sustainable Development "(2010)," Social-labor Area: State of Relations, New Challenges and Trends "(2010)," Resources and Models of Global Economic Development "(2011)," Global Economic Development: Trends, Asymmetries, Regulation "(2013)," Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Practice Development "( 2012). The most popular and cited textbooks and manuals: "Motivation, promotion and assessment of staff" (1998), "Labor Economics and Labor Relations" (2009), "Rationing of Labour" (1995), "Basic Economics" (2001) "The motivation of the personnel" (2011), "Social Partnership in the labor market" (1995), "Human resource management" (2004), "The motivation of the personnel" (2002), "Human Resources" (2013), "The motivation of the personnel" (2013 ), "Motivation Management" (2014), "Social Responsibility" (2015).

Professor A. Kolot is a member of the Scientific Expert Council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and a member of the Specialized Academic Council of KNEU for  doctoral theses defense. Nine theses for philosophy doctor degree and one  thesis for doctor of science degree were prepared and successfully defended under his supervision.

Dr. Kolot is a member of editorial boards of several scientific journals and collections of scientific works, including "Ukraine: Aspects of Labor", "Demography and Social Policy", "Social and Labor Relations: Theory and Practice", "International Economic Policy" "The Labor Market and Employment".


Since 1990s Dr. Kolot has been repeatedly participating in the preparation of annual messages of the President of Ukraine to Parliament. He is one of the developers of a number of legislative and other normative legal acts of Ukraine in employment and social and labor relations, in particular, the draft law of Ukraine "On Collective Agreements", "On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees", "On Labour Compensation "," On Social Dialogue in Ukraine ".

He was awarded with three VDNKh USSR silver medals, “Outstanding Worker of Education of Ukraine”,  "Petro Mohyla", "For the development of so social partnership" badges; diplomas of merit from Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine, Kyiv Mayor, commendation from Prime Minister of Ukraine and departmental distinction “Badge of Honor”.

Married, with two children. An expression "In order to change the surrounding world for the better, you have to learn to think differently and be socially responsible" became Dr. Kolot`s credo.