Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

The Master's Program MBA (Business Administration) specialization

Program Supervisor - Ludmila P. Batenko, PhD, Professor of the Business Strategy Department.

MBA Program (specialization "Management of business development") is aimed at:

• formation of knowledge of basic management tools to manage key functional areas of the enterprise - finance, marketing, operations, logistics activities, personnel management, etc;

• understanding the mechanisms of strategic interaction between the functional units of the company;

• development of personal managerial, communicative and leadership skills;

• accumulation of contacts network with international student and business community, created due to the possibility to listen to some courses abroad;

• formation of practical skills in multinational teams during their practical training in international companies.

Differences of the Programs that improve the competitiveness of its graduates:

• attracting leading teachers who have teaching experience in foreign educational institutions;

• conduct of interactive lectures and workshops with experts - practitioners from well-known Ukrainian and international companies;

• providing opportunities to master separate disciplines by studying at foreign universities - partners of KNEU;

• formation of practical skills during practical training in international companies;

• use of various networking events on a regular basis.

Curriculum courses:


• Strategic management

• Financial management

• Personnel Management

• Operational management

• Marketing Management

• Information systems in Management

• Managerial Accounting

• Project management

• Logistics Management

• Innovation Management

• Economic law

• Leadership and Effective Communication

Optional (3 out of 6)

• Company Development Management 

• Business planning and Creation of Start-ups

• Strategic Partnerships in Business

• Managerial Efficiency in Business

• Organizational Behavior

• Risk management in the Enterprise

Upon gradution the students receive Master’s Degree in "Business Administration"

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