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Management of Corporations

The list of diploma papers 2012-2013
Preamble. The transformation of property relations was the impetus for the formation of a strong corporate sector of Ukraine's economy, where the dominant role is played by corporations. It is this form of business organization that is characteristic of the most largest industrial enterprises of Ukraine due to its advantages, such as unlimited possibilities of raising capital and limited liability of shareholders. However, the management of joint stock companies has its own peculiarities associated with the branching of ownership and management, conflicts of interest, special control mechanisms, that require the use of specific instruments of corporate governance. It is good corporate governance that allows fully realize the benefits of the corporate form of business organization, ensure increasing the shareholders’ welfare and balance of interests of all stakeholders in the operation of the corporation, including the state.
One of the main causes of inefficient functioning of corporations in Ukraine, small volumes of investment, low liquidity of their shares are imperfect system of corporate governance and lack of management skills of a new type in the leaders of the old school. Inconsistency of corporate governance in Ukrainian JSC  to the international standards hinders the attraction of foreign investments to the economy of the state, the development of productive and innovative potential of enterprises and makes difficult implemntation of projects of securities placement of the domestic JSC at foreign Stock Exchanges.
That is why a special urgency is given to the training of specialists with Master’s Degree who are able to work in new conditions, to introduce international corporate governance standards into practice of domestic JSC and ensure efficiency of activity to the benefit of millions of small shareholders and the state.
The purpose of the Master's Program "Management of Corporations (JSC)" is to train professional managers for enterprises of corporate type (JSC), which are complex multi-level structures with a certain ratio of elected and administrative-executive management bodies (which determines the specific features of decision-making concerning operation, development, interaction with the elements of the environment), that is workers being able to operate in the new economic conditions, focused on the benefits of corporate governance and operated development of JSC of various types.
The main objectives of the Program: revealing the features of formation and disclosure of corporate sector develoment, specific features of corporate form of doing business, forming the skills of effective organizational and economic mechanism of corporate governance in joint stock companies, and integrated corporate structures, corresponding to international standards; developing skills of application of various corporate capital management, construction of corporate control, strategic management of corporation development, management of conflicts of interest; developing skills of building effective policy of corporate social responsibility; controlling the behavior of corporations in the stock market.
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