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Management of Enterpreneurial Activity (in English)

Program Supervisor - Inna M. Repina, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Economics of Enterprise Department.
The purpose of the Master's Program - development of system knowledge and practical skills in management of enterpreneurial activity.
Masters trained under this Program acquire thorough contemporary knowledge in organization and leading entrepreneurial activities, they acquire practical skills in business planning, budgeting, controlling, business process management and enterprise value management through interactive teaching methods.
Experienced teachers of the Economics of Enterprise Department and leading practitioners of known Ukrainian and international companies train our undergraduates not only to make informed decisions, but also to generate valuable business ideas, going beyond the standard procedures, and assess their performance based on financial forecasts.
Our University provides training in leading international companies, which allows to realize individual approach of the students to the formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in view of their future professional activities.
Graduates of the Master's Program "Management of entrepreneurial activity" can occupy managerial positions in enterprises (institutions) and associations with different forms of ownership.
Target audience: individual, seeking to develop the economy by increasing business efficiency, development and implementation of innovative projects, focus on sustainable development, social responsibility and competitive economic entities.

Curriculum courses:
• Management of strategic changes in the company
• Personnel Management
• Project management
• Economic Enterprise Management
• Management of competitiveness of enterprises
• Value of the Company Management
• Business Process Management
• Controlling
Upon completion, students receive a Master Degree in "Economics of Enterprise".
Details about the program and the terms of admission

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