Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Project Management and Consulting (in English)

Program Supervisor - Ludmila P. Batenko, PhD, Professor of the Business Strategy Department.
Purpose: to equip students with competences in economic governance and development of the company, that is already operating or seeking to enter the global markets, using approaches of project management and management consulting.

On graduating the students obtain:
• knowledge and skills to manage strategic development of the company in the context of European integration processes;
• the ability to use mechanisms to ensure competitiveness in national and international markets,
• practical skills in project management and consulting activities considering specific nature of working in international teams;
• practical working skills in multinational teams during their practice in international companies

Differences of the Programs that improve the competitiveness of its graduates:
• attracting leading lecturers with teaching experience in foreign educational institutions;
• conduct of interactive lectures and workshops with experts - practitioners of known Ukrainian and international companies;
• providing opportunities to master certain disciplines due to studying at foreign universities - partners of KNEU;
• formation of practical skills during practical training in international companies;
• use of various networking events on a regular basis.
Upon completion, students will receive a Master Degree in "Economics of Enterprise".

Curriculum courses:
• Management of strategic changes in the company
• Personnel Management
• Project management
• Economic Enterprise Management
• Management of Competitiveness of Enterprises
• Managing the Development of the Company
• Management of Consultancy Activities
• Information Support of Progect Management
Details about the Program and the terms of admission

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