Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Pre-university Training Department


Larysa Kozlovska, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
Phone: ( 380 44) 205-54-63


Deputy Head

Oleksandra Olshanska, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor


Tamara Mykhalska, Lead Methodologist


Rayisa Pervova, Category I Methodologist


Inna Hnatiuk, Instruction Process Control Inspector.


The pre-university training department was established in 1969 as a unit of Kyiv National Economy Institute for the pre-university training of young people, who have a job, and military servicemen transferred to the reserve. Initially, there were only evening courses; later on, daytime courses were organised as well.

The Pre-university Training Faculty consisting of the preparatory department and the preparatory courses was established under Resolution of the University Academic Council on 31 March 1994. The Pre-university Training Department has been operating in the University since 1 September 2003.

The Pre-university Training Department of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University helps its students to update and improve their knowledge obtained in general education secondary schools, and provides thorough training to those, who are going to enrol in colleges and universities of Ukraine. Students have an opportunity to improve their knowledge in the following disciplines at their discretion: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Foreign Language, Mathematics, History of Ukraine, Geography.

Lectures and workshops in the Pre-university Training Department are presented by highly qualified university teachers. Students are provided with textbook and methodological materials in all disciplines on a contractual basis.

The co-operation of the Pre-university Training Department with the International Business Education Institute of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University contributes to the maintenance of the instruction process at an appropriate level.

The Pre-university Training Department includes:

1. Preparatory department (full-time form of instruction).

2. Preparatory courses:

  • 8-month evening course (for the 11th year schoolchildren)
  • 8-month extramural course (for the 11th year schoolchildren)
  • 4-month evening course (for the 11th year schoolchildren)
  • 4-month evening course (for the 9th year schoolchildren)

The educational process takes place at the preparatory department:

  • from October till May on a full-time basis.

The educational process takes place at the preparatory courses:

  • from October till May at 8-month courses;
  • from February till May at 4-month courses;
  • from October till May once a month (every last Sunday) at extramural courses.

Pupils from graduation classes are admitted to the preparatory department and the preparatory courses. It is necessary to submit an application to the Rector of the University and conclude a contract (having passport and identification code of the student or a parent).

Applications for 8-month evening and extramural courses are accepted from September.
Applications for 4-month evening courses are accepted from January.

The training is provided at the expense of individuals and legal entities; contracts are concluded with both legal entities and individuals.


81 Melnikova Street, Kyiv, office 110, 111
Phone: ( 380 44) 205-5463
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