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State Financial Management

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

The Master's Program "State Financial Management" is one of the best economic programs in Ukrainian universities in the specialty "Finances."
Graduating department - Department of Finance of the Finance and Economics Department.

Professional orientation of special disciplines: the student trained in Master’s Program on state finances has the opportunity to acquire professional competencies concerning formation, distribution and use of financial resources at macro- and microeconomic levels, in particular - the formation and implementation of the state financial strategy and tactics; management of budget revenues and expenditures of the state and government entities; cash flow management; organization and conduct of state financial control; state financial planning, forecasting and regulation of financial relations at macro- and microlevels.

Interdisciplinary training covers the subjects "Tax Management", "Macro budgeting", "Budget management", "Local Finance" and "State financial control", "Macro-financial risk management" and is held in the 10th semester after the theoretical course when students have their practice. Its essence lies in the fact that students of Master’s Program on the basis of the obtained theoretical knowledge, performing various tasks in each stage of the training are to master modern methods of state financial management. Thus, each of the stages, as a part of intersubject training has a definite purpose: the first stage - mastering the method of calculating the planned and forecast indicators of budget revenues; the second stage - formation of practical skills in using methods and tools of state budgeting; third stage - forming of the system of knowledge and practical skills concerning the techniques and methods used in the budget process; fourth stage - formation of a system of knowledge and practical skills on forms and methods of financial control; fifth stage - formation of the system of knowledge and practical skills in the study of state finances as the basis of information and analytical support of the atate financial management. The acquisition of practical skills and knowledge through intersubject training allows stidents: to create complete vision of state finances and management techniques that are used in particular cases; this makes it possible to increase the motivation of practical tasks; integrate new knowledge with skills obtained during practice; to form the ability to make effective and reasonable management decisions.

In the course of further work we plan to expand the range of courses that enable students to deepen their knowledge on the following issues: state financial management, macro-financial analysis, infrastructure of the state finance, fiscal policy and state financial control.

Directions of Master’s research:
1. The system of state finance.
2. Macro-financial stabilization.
3. The budget system and budget process.
4. Revenues.
5. Government expenditure.
6. Local Finance.
7. The state credit, government debt and relations between Ukraine and International financial institutions.
8. State financial control.
9. Fiscal policy and tax system.
10. Forms and types of taxation.
11. Tax administration and tax accounting.
12. State financial management.

The main base for practice: authorities of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine and National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, National Financial Services of the state bodies of central and local authorities , financial services of state enterprises, state budgetary institutions and organizations, as well as specialized financial institutions of the state. The Department of Finance provides all its students in Master’s Program with free and guaranteed base for practice. The student has no need to search the place of practice during training in the magistracy. In addition, leading experts from the base for practice and experienced teachers of the Department of Finance are engaged in ongoing consulting assistance which takes into account the individual abilities of each student. Students- trainees in the bodies of the financial system have access to the materials and practical information required to write Master's thesis.

Future employment: state financial services, financial and business sector, the financial market, academic institutions, relevant financial departments of higher educational institutions and so on.

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