Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

General Information

Our University has a considerable intellectual potential and prospects in the field of scientific research and patents and licensing activities. We believe that the competitiveness of the University in the current situation depends on many factors, including the selected strategy of the intellectual property management, which combines efforts and incorporates interests of various units, teachers, post-graduate students and students.

The main product of our University is the intellectual product created by its teachers and researchers, which contains the following objects of copyright results of teaching and research activities, lectures, textbooks, research results, software products, databases, as well as objects of industrial property inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks. The intellectual property is a form of property, which requires proper legal protection. The legal protection ensures the assignment of the intellectual property rights to specific results of intellectual and creative activities to the University. This is the necessary condition for the introduction of such objects into the commercial circulation.


The Intellectual Property Centre was established in accordance with Order of the Rector of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University No. 185 of 16 May 2010 in accordance with Resolution of the Academic Council of the University of 24 December 2009.

Functions of the Centre

The Centre exercises patent and licensing activities, which cover:

  • the development and the exercise of the universal patenting and licensing policy of the University;
  • the analysis of results of the scientific research and instruction methodology work of structural units of the University for the detection of commercially significant objects and objects, to which the rights require protection;
  • the legal protection of intellectual property objects created in the University in the course of instructional and scientific activities by means of compiling, executing and submitting applications for the obtainment of protective documents (patents and certificates), and taking measures aimed at maintaining their validity;
  • the assurance of the legal regulation of relations between authors and the University;
  • the taking of measures aimed at the commercialisation of intellectual property objects of the University;
  • the development of licensing contracts and other contracts for the management of property interests in the intellectual property;
  • the provision of the legal advice to University employees creating the intellectual property objects to assist them with the exercise of their personal non-property and property interests in the intellectual property.


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