Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman


The Library provides its users with fundamental library services:

  • the information about library holdings via the reference and search apparatus of the library;
  • individual and group user services in loan departments and reading rooms;
  • the issue of documents from library holdings for temporary use;
  • the advisory assistance on the search for, and the selection of, sources of information;
  • the advice on the compilation of bibliographies;
  • the assistance with determining UDC and BBK indices for research papers;
  • the day-to-day performance of information requests of researchers;
  • book exhibitions;
  • the computer hardware for the information search;
  • the access to databases and electronic resources (both own and acquired);
  • the access to the Internet information resources for educational and research purposes;
  • the information from other libraries using communication channels;
  • the workshops on information culture, library science and bibliography, etc.
Last redaction: 25.06.21