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State Regulation of Economy

The list of diploma papers 2012-2013
Preamble. Analysis of the labor market and the information about employment of graduates in recent years has shown that the demand for professionals in corporation management and management of small businesses is increasing. The demand for professionals in state regulation of economy is still unmet. Taking into consideration the real situation on the labor market and professional specialization, the Department of Macroeconomics and Public Administration has formed the Master's Program - "State regulation of economy."
Target audience. The master's Program "State regulation of economy" is designed to provide training to managers in the public sector. Master under the Program "State regulation of economy" is the manager of the highest level. He, on the one hand, is a specialist who is able to carry out responsible public-managerial functions, on the other - professional organizer of subordinates.
The main objectives of the Program:
The main feature of the Master's Program is to provide training based on the competencies. Competences are the abilities of the individual to perform standard tasks of professional activity, formed on the basis of knowledge, skills and their practical application. These abilities are to be measured and evaluated. Competencies reflect the demands of the workplace and personal qualities of the graduate. Master;s Competences are focused on higher-level tasks associated with the operation of various state units of Ukraine. They are focused on providing processes, different in nature, in a particular professional field.
These competencies are: analytical and diagnostic; administrative and coordinational; forecasting and planning; regulatory; organizational and legal; motivational; controlling; communication; innovation and research; teaching.
Features that enhance the quality of education and the competitiveness of its graduates:
The distinctive feature of the Master's Program is its profound practical orientation. In this regard, the curriculum for Masters applied practical training module. It involves three components:
• interdisciplinary training on a specialty, the goal of which is the integration and synthesis of knowledge and practical skills that students obtained while sudying special subjects;
• pre-diploma practice, the purpose of which is to consolidate and deepen the knowledge and experience of independent practical work in the primary positions that the graduates of the Program "State regulation of economy" have the right to hold;
• defense of the Master’s thesis, which aims at mastering the skills of independent scientific research of  socio-economic processes, analysis of the state regulation of economy and justification of proposals aimed at improving the practice of state regulation of economy.
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