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Information systems in finance, banking and entrepreneurship

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

The Master's Program started in 2015 (until June 2015 - specialization "Information systems in banks and financial institutions"). Experts enrolled to be trained under the Program are in great demand in banks, financial institutions and various business structures. On the basis of this Program the specialists for development, operation and maintenance of information systems are trained. Every year about 30% of bachelors in economic cybernetics choose this Master's Program. Graduates of the Master's Program "Information systems in finance, banking and entrepreneurship" occupy different positions of development (analysts of information systems, system administrators, database administrators and manager-engineer), implementation and maintenance of information systems and technologies, analyst (engineer) in computer systems, etc.) in units of automation of banks, financial institutions and business entities (departments of automation, automation control, departments, sectors, etc.). Currently, the department graduates work successfully in the information departments of many banks and financial institutions in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.
The department maintains close relations with the National Bank of Ukraine, a number fo Kyiv commercial banks, financial and business communities, where the students undergo practical training and internships. Banks, financial and entrepreneurial establishments are happy to take our students to practice, in the future offering them a permanent job.
The curriculum of the Master's Program "Information systems in finance, banking and entrepreneurship" provides the following disciplines:
1. Banking information systems.
2. Information systems in finance management.
3. Information systems in public administration.
4. Multiagent systems.
5. Modern methodology of information systems.
6. Information systems in business.
7. Information systems of financial markets.
8. Systems of business  analysis.

Accounting and auditing in bank management
The list of diploma papers 2012-2013
The normative period of training: one year and 6 months for full-time and one year and eight months for distance learning.
The curriculum for the Master's Program foresees the following subjects:
A)    Compulsory:
• Financial management;
• Personnel Management;
• Organization and methods of audit (in banks);
• Organization of accounting (in banks);
• Tax accounting and reporting.
B) Specialized training:
• Reporting in banks;
• Accounts technologies of banking operations;
• Management accounting and analysis in banks;
• Accounting and Auditing at the National Bank of Ukraine.
The graduates of the Master's Program acquire the right to hold such positions in financial institutions and banking sector:
• Auditor;
• The accountant-expert;
• Accountant-Auditor;
• Chief Accountant;
• The chief state tax inspector-auditor;
• Chief Expert;
• Chief cashier;
• Chief Auditor;
• Financial Director;
• Economist in accounting and business analysis;
• Economist on financial work;
• Economist Advisor;
• The head of the fund;
• Consultant on economic  issues;
• Consultant on taxes and fees;
• Researcher (audit, accounting);
• Head of Audit Department;
• Columnist on economic issues.

Download the teaching complex with the Master's Program "Accounting and audit ing in bank management"

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