Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

KNEU Science Park

General information

LLC "Science Park of Kyiv National Economic University" was established in 2012 on the basis of NHEI "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman" in order to effectively use the existing scientific and pedagogical potential-and material-and-technical base of the University to ensure the implementation of complex interdisciplinary scientific, educational, consulting projects, etc.

The missionof KNEU Science Park is to integrate intellectual resources into the process of national economy development in order to increase Ukraine's competitiveness in the world and ensure sustainable development of society and the state.

Brief description of services

• Provision of scientific consulting, training and other services in the sphere of education in the field of economics, finance, mathematical modeling (AI, data mining, machine learning, big data) and information technology.

• Execution of research, experimental-design and project works in various branches of science and economic activity and implementation of achievements of science and technology in production, financial activity, service sphere, etc.

• Development of mathematical models and expert systems in the field of financial and credit, monetary and pricing policies, as well as in any trends and areas of activity of enterprises, institutions of any form of ownership.

• Creation of intelligent decision support systems in the management of enterprises, financial institutions and other organizations and institutions of any form of ownership.

• Information and consulting and intermediary services, development of commercial forecasts and study of domestic and foreign markets.

As a result of this work, KNEU Science Park was awarded four times in a row (2016-2019) by the National Rating Program for awarding the leaders of the Ukrainian economy with the Gold Rating among Ukrainian business entities in the nomination "Financial indicators of successful activity", receiving the status of "Industry Leader". Also, the Association for Economic Cooperation and Development is included in the Register of the best suppliers of goods and services of Ukraine within the National Program "Consumer Choice 2018" and "Consumer Choice 2019".


Recognition of technologies created on the basis of KNEU Science Park

  • Title “The most promising Startup of Ukraine 2019” (MC.Today)
  •  The first Ukrainian company-participant of the exhibition VivaTech in partnership with BNP Paribas (Paris, 2019)
  • The first Ukrainian company-participant of FinTech Business Camp Tokyo with the support of the Tokyo government (Tokyo, 2019)
  • Winner of the ALPHA program for participants of the Web Summit technology conference (Lisbon, 2019)
  • Winner of the IGNITE program for participants of the technology conference The Next Web (Amsterdam, 2019)
  • Victory in the MHP corporate accelerator (2019)
  • Victory in the corporate accelerator UKRSIBBANK (2018)
  • Winning the BNP Paribas project competition (Paris, 2018)
  • Winning the competition of projects in the field of AI & ML of the US State Fund CRDF Global (2018)
  • Grand Prix Partnerships for Sustainability for social projects from the UN (New York, 2018)
  • • Winner of the national competition of social and entrepreneurial projects Enactus-Ukraine (2015)
  • Third place in the League at the international final Enactus 2015 (Johannesburg, 2015)
  • Winner of the national competition of social and entrepreneurial projects Enactus-Ukraine (2014)
  • Third place in the League at the international final Enactus 2014 (Beijing, 2014)

Media mention


Participation in exhibitions and professional forums


Meetup "AI & ML in Finance" at Frankfurt Business School (Frankfurt, Germany, January 24)

Meeting of the Bankers' Club "Cooperation of banks and fintech - innovations in the banking industry. Current Priorities and New Regulations for Interaction with Non-Banking Institutions”(Kyiv, Ukraine, March 22)

Exhibition of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies "The Next Web 2019" (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 9-10)

Exhibition of Innovative Technologies "Viva Technology 2019" (Paris, France, May 16-17)

Amsterdam Fintech Forum 2019 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 19-20)

International Forum "Financial Technologies for SMEs: Open Innovations 2020" (Istanbul, Turkey, September 13-14)

Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Forum (Oslo, Norway, October 9-12)

International Conference "Credit Risks and Technologies in Digital Transformation" (Vienna, Austria, October 9-12)

Ukrainian-Israeli Innovation Summit 2019 (Kyiv, Ukraine, October 30)

The world's largest IT conference "Web Summit 2019" (Lisbon, Portugal, November 4-7)


36th BACEE Regional Banking Conference (Budapest, Hungary, April 16-17)

I International Professional Forum "Modern Scoring Technologies" (Budapest, Hungary, April 23-24)

VIII International Conference "Banking Service for SMEs: Restart 2020" (Budapest, Hungary, September 7-8)

5th Fraud Risk Management Conference (Warsaw, Poland, November 19-20)

XV Annual Conference "Profitability and Risk Management" (Kyiv, Ukraine, December 5)

Exhibition "AI & BIG DATA EXPO NORTH AMERICA 2018" (Santa Clara, USA, November 28-29)


ABC Forum: Artificial intelligence, Big data, Clouds - technologies of the future in the financial sphere (Kyiv, Ukraine, November 21)

International Forum "INNOVATION MARKET" (Kyiv, Ukraine, November 21-24)

Meeting of the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine, November 24)

Meeting of the Bankers' Club on the topic: "The banking system of Ukraine in 5 years. Possible scenarios "(Kyiv, Ukraine, December 8)


VII Vienna Financial and Economic Forum of the CIS and Eastern Europe (Vienna, Austria, April 28-30)

X Annual Retail Lending Risk Management Conference (Kyiv, Ukraine, June 10-11)

Meeting of the Club of Young Scientists together with the Club of Business People and Freudhouse (Kyiv, Ukraine, June 19)

XXXI Regional Banking Conference "Risks and Opportunities in the Financial Sector of Central and Eastern Europe" (Budapest, Hungary, October 19)


KNEU Science Park projects

Educational projects.

Under the agreements with NATO (Brussels) from 2014, former servicemen in a number of regions of Ukraine are trained on a regular basis in the areas of "Marketing Management" and "Information Technology".Training activities under separate contracts were also commissioned by: UNIDO (Vienna), the EU Project "Support to the Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU", the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (London), the State Agency for e-Government of Ukraine, the National Commission for carries out state regulation in the field of communications and informatization, Management of administrative buildings of the State Administration, Trade Union of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Ukraine, State Enterprise "Information Resource Center", PJSC "Kyivenergo", Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kyiv and many others.

In particular, at the request of "The Westminster Foundation For Democracy Limited", training modules were developed to prepare a financial and economic justification for the legislative initiative, forecast its impact on budget indicators and train staff of the Secretariat of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


For the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, a scientific analysis was conducted and scientifically substantiated proposals were provided to improve the maintenance of the State Cadastre of Territories and Objects of the NPF of Ukraine.

For Kyiv City State Administration research services on the analysis and collection of scientific, technical, economic and other data for the development of targeted outdoor lighting programs of the city of Kyiv for the period 2018-2028 and the development of transport infrastructure of the city of Kyiv for the period 2019-2023 were provided.

Expertise was provided and consulting services on remuneration reform were provided to PJSC Ukrnafta, as well as to the Trade Union of Construction Workers and the Building Materials Industry of Ukraine.

Recommendations for improving accounting and analysis in the integrated management system of large industrial enterprises have been developed for PJSC "Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant".

Databases on shipment / loading of a wide range of products of metallurgical and construction enterprises of Ukraine and a number of other countries were prepared for the State Enterprise "State Information and Analytical Center for Monitoring Foreign Commodity Markets".

For PJSC "First All-Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories" scoring models by groups of credit products and an algorithm for building a scoring model for credit risk assessment were developed that will provide an opportunity to adjust the models to historical data to adapt to changing economic conditions.

Development of information systems.

An information-analytical system of automated model building was developed. Its application allows to provide services of JSC "UKRSIBBANK" for data processing and construction of scoring models in the following areas: analysis of the causes and prevention of overdue debt on overdrafts of SMB clients; analysis of the possibility of increasing the volume of overdrafts while maintaining the current level of risk or reducing it; construction of a forecast model of the outflow of SMB segment customers; optimization of the costs of the current loyalty program for individuals and the terms of tariff packages in order to maximize the bank's profits.

For BNP Paribas Group (France, Africa) a budget automation system was develped that forecasts the development of the economy and individual divisions of the bank in terms of products, industries, etc.; it allows to take into account scenario conditions, conduct stress testing of the bank and provides electronic document management in the budget approval process. further control of its implementation.

Within the framework of the Project "Modernization of the social support system of the population of Ukraine" with the financial supportof the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development operations to create a system of automated models for assessing the risks of illegal social support using statistical and administrative information in the interests of the Ministry of Social Policy are being fulfilled.

In preparation for the Enactus competition for social and entrepreneurial projects, with the financial support of the Public Association "OSVITORIA", a distance learning system "iLearn - education for everyone" was created, which is an online social platform designed to improve the knowledge of boarding school graduates equal opportunities for all students in Ukraine in preparation for external independent assessment.

An information-analytical system for managing the scientific activities of a higher educational institution was developed, which is designed to organize electronic document management, keep records of research work and manage scientific activities. The system also provides full functionality required for full-fledged learning in synchronous and asynchronous modes - the ability to download and view lectures, seminars and interactive laboratory work, conducting personal workshops with the teacher, chat, forum, wiki-help, automatic testing, control and examination tasks, control of working time in the system, etc.

For the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine an integrated information and analytical database and a system of planning and monitoring the implementation of environmental measures by institutions of the nature reserve fund of the Ministry of Environment, evaluating the effectiveness of their activities were developed..


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