Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Institute of Economic Development Studies

General Information

The Institute of Economic Development Studies transformed in 1997 from the Research Section with a decision of the University's Academic Council has been operating as a part of the single educational and research facility named Kyiv National Economics University.

The Institute organises, co-ordinates and pursues scientific research in the University, ensures its effectiveness, efficiency and quality.

The following are the priority areas of research determining the scientific activities of the Institute:

  • the theory of transitional economy, economic reforms and transformational processes;
  • the strategy and tactics of the reformation of the economy of the state and enterprises, and the assurance of their economic safety;
  • the economic policy of the state and its role in securing conditions for the sustainable economic development;
  • the development of, and the state support to, the small business;
  • the mechanism of the regulation of social and labour relations on the labour market;
  • the monitoring and the factor analysis of the socio-economic situation in Ukraine, etc.

Currently, the scientific research carried out in the Institute is focused on the studies pursued
on a contractual basis within the scope of research sectors and interests of the University, its research and research/teaching staff. The following research work is prioritised:

  • ordered by executive bodies, ministries and agencies of Ukraine;
  • ordered by the Rector's Office and the Academic Council;
  • based on the commercial contracts with specific companies and other organisations of Ukraine.

The Institute comprises:

  • the Scientific Organisation, Financial Support, Performance Control and Research Results Implementation Unit;
  • the Information Analysis and Consultancy Unit;
  • the Research Contacts and Research Co-ordination Unit.

The scientific research is focused on the integration of the educational and research processes implemented by means of:

  • the obtainment of the new knowledge and its introduction into the educational process as a result of the performed scientific research tested in various areas of the economic activity of state-owned and private enterprises, institutions and organisations;
  • the assurance of the comprehensive nature of the scientific research by means of the combination of the research potential of various departments of the University, and research institutes in the field of Economics.

The Institute provides organisational support to the writing of monographs by the University's researchers and teachers.

Annexes to the letter on the development of the range of research areas for year 2011

•    Form 1 "Request for Fundamental Research at the Expense of the General Fund of the State Budget"
•    Form 2 "Request for Applied Research at the Expense of the General Fund of the State Budget"
•    Areas of scientific studies
•    Expert opinion on the Request for Fundamental Research
•    Expert opinion on the Request for Applied Research


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