Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Dorohamy do prekrasnoho (Roads to the Beauty) Club

The activities of the club are guided by the Charter of the "Roads to the Beauty" Club discussed at the expanded meeting of the core group of the club on 25 September 2002, endorsed by Vice Rector T. Obolenska and approved by Rector A.F. Pavlenko.   The document is based on items of the Club Passport approved earlier and kept in the trade-union committee archive.
The club was established in April 1968.
The application for the establishment of the club submitted by O.D. Malinina, the director of instruction in D. Korotchenko Kyiv National Economy Institute was endorsed by M.V. Bocharova on behalf of the trade-union committee.

Objective of the Club
The "Roads to the Beauty" Cultural Studies Club is a voluntary community of teachers, employees, post-graduate students and students of Kyiv National Economics University who wish to study the achievements of the international culture, disseminate the information of general interest and use the findings in the course of the instruction.
All the above categories of actual (or retired) employees, post-graduate and students (also students, who have graduated) may take part in activities of the club, if they accept the objective of the club and confirm this acceptance with the specific contributions to the activities of the club, such as: presentations on a specific subject, articles to Ekonomist university newspaper and other mass media, photos and illustrations on specific subjects, etc.

Forms of Work:
Specific subjects are discussed at club sessions in the form of disputes, presentations, reminiscences, etc. Meetings are usually held monthly on a day suitable for the majority.
Open meetings with interesting people and joint events organised together with other clubs for a broader audience are scheduled as agreed with the responsible parties.
The club also holds on-site meetings in places of interest.
The club engages into the search activities in museums, archives, libraries, etc.

Managing Bodies of the Club:
Olena Malinina has remained the President Emeritus for ever as the founder of the club.
The Board chaired by the Chairman approves the major lines of the club's activities and areas of work for the future. The Board is elected at a general meeting. The Board also includes the Treasurer, the Organiser and the person responsible for the liaison with students' clubs. The core group of the club may be involved into the work performed by the Board.

Areas of Work:
The club discussions, presentations, reports, announcements and newspaper articles cover achievements in the fields of science, culture, arts, historical monuments and prominent persons, the history of Ukraine, Kyiv and KNEU, etc. The work areas for the academic year are approved by the expanded core group of the club.
Major lines of studies are: "Pearls of the World Treasures", "Prominent Ukrainians — Fellow Countrymen", "Highlights of History of the Alma Mater".

Facilities of the Club:
The club is supported by the management of the University in the form of the provision of premises for its meetings on the basis of requests to be submitted in advance.
Specific transportation, film and other material needs of the club are solved by the management on the basis of specific requests of the Chairman of the Board of the Club.
The assistance can be granted, if necessary, by the trade-union committee and any sponsors (both legal entities and individuals).

External Relations:
The Club maintains relations (in the form of correspondence and meetings) with organisations and societies in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, as well as abroad in line with the joint working interests.

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