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Social and Labour Relations Institute

The Social and Labour Relations Institute of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute") is the structural unit operating as a part of the single educational and research complex of Vadym Hetman KNEU.

The research and human-resource potential of the Institute is based on the Human Resource Management and Labour Economics Department, where scientific schools in the field of labour economics, social and labour relations and human resource management have been initiated and developed.

The Institute involves specialists from related and other research areas for the interdisciplinary research.

The major objective of the Institute is to perform fundamental and applied research work on social and labour issues at the microeconomic, macroeconomic, European and international levels.

The activities of the Institute are focused on the scientific research and the performance of the scientific pedagogical work in the field of the development, the operation and the development of social and labour relations.

In line with its objective and subject matter of activities, the Institute exercises research, research organisation and research pedagogical activities within the scope of its competence.

The following are the priority areas of research determining the scientific activities of the Institute:

  • the performance of the fundamental and applied scientific research into the genesis, the development and transformation trends of social and labour relations under the impact of the economic globalisation and the development of the knowledge-based economy together with the national and sectoral academies of sciences, and other research institutions;
  • the performance of the comprehensive research into the development of the state social policy, the enhancement of the living standard of the population, the overcoming of poverty and the development of the middle class in the society, the reform of the social protection of the population;
  • the comprehensive scientific coverage of innovative models, mechanisms, methods and processes of management of labour and regulation of relations in the field of labour;
  • the research into demographic and economic processes and problems of the reproduction of the labour potential;
  • the comprehensive fundamental and applied research into the development of institutional foundations and mechanisms of regulation of the social and labour sphere in conditions of global challenges;
  • the evaluation of pre-requisites, trends and the development of proposals on the improvement of the vocational training in Ukraine;
  • the research into theoretical and applied aspects of the knowledge management in the human resources development and utilisation system;
  • comprehensive study of the human capital as an economic development and growth factor; the improvement of mechanisms of the management of investments into the human capital;
  • the formation of institutional principles of the transformation of the labour market in the global information-based economy; the development of socialisation models and the system of measures aimed at the improvement of the flexibility of the labour market;
  • the development of proposals on the improvement of mechanisms of the regulation of collective agreement-based relations in the field of labour;
  • the development of measures aimed at the development and the improvement of the social infrastructure at the macro, mezo and micro levels;
  • the research into the essence, the genesis and the modern forms of the social capital;
  • the development of proposals on the development of the corporate culture in the context of the development of social and labour relations;
  • the improvement of mechanisms of the management of the labour efficiency and productivity;
  • the research into the status, the analysis of trends of the development and the substantiation of areas of the improvement of the compensation policy, the encouragement of labour, the organisation of the salary, the implementation of fringe benefits;
  • other scientific research within the scope of the legislation of Ukraine.

Major lines of the scientific and organisational activities of the Institute include:

  • the co-ordination and co-operation with other organisations in Ukraine and abroad for the solution of comprehensive social and labour issues;
  • the provision of the scientific practical, advisory and other assistance to state authorities, institutions, and organisations, other legal entities and individuals on the formation, the operation and the development of social and labour relations;
  • the organisation of scientific, scientific practical and educational seminars, meetings, conferences, symposiums, roundtables (including those international) in the fields of its activity;
  • the publication of the specialist compendium of research papers under the name of "Social and Labour Relations: Theory and Practice", and other publications;
  • the preparation for the publication of monographs, textbooks, manuals and other scientific publications;
  • the implementation of other scientific organisational measures.

The research and instruction activities of the Institute call for the more profound mutual links between the scientific research and the process of instruction by means of the training of masters on the basis of the independent scientific research, the assurance of the participation of students of the University, the Master Training Centre, post-graduate and doctoral students of the University in the scientific research carried out in the Institute, and the creation of conditions for the involvement of the talented young people into the scientific research in the Institute, etc.


The Social and Labour Relations Institute of Vadym Hetman KNEU is managed by its Director A.M. Kolot, Professor and ScD in Economics.


The Institute was established on the basis of Order of the Rector of Vadym Hetman KNEU No. 420 of 21 May 2010 "On Establishment of Research Institutes" in pursuance of Resolution of the University's Academic Council of 27 April 2010 in order to implement the University Innovative Development Programme and implement the major tasks called for by the Research University Charter approved with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 163 of 17 February 2010.

Since 2011, the Institute publishes the compendium of research papers under the name of "Social and Labour Relations: Theory and Practice".

Major scientific interests of this publication include: the current condition and issues of the development of social and labour relations, the social policy: new challenges and development trends; the compensation policy in the system of social and labour relations at the micro-level; contemporary human resource management approaches; the knowledge management at the macro and micro levels; the human resource management function: the functional transformation and modern technologies; the socialisation of the labour market in Ukraine: indicators and the regulation mechanism; the dialectics of the development of flexible employment forms; the intellectualisation of the labour potential.

The editorial board includes prominent domestic and foreign scientists, who have made a considerable contribution into the research into social and labour issues: They include: A.M. Kolot, O.I. Scherbakov (Russian Federation), V.M. Bobkov (Russian Federation), Zbislaw Sirojcz (Poland), Vojcak Slomsky (Slovakia), O.A. Hrishnova, U.Y. Sadova, H.V. Nazarova, L.O. Shaulska, I.F. Hnybidenko, I.L. Petrova, O.F. Novikova, E.M. Libanova


Major functions of the Social and Labour Relations Institute include:

  • the organisational and methodological assistance to the lecturers in respect of deepening the mutual relations of scientific activities with the instructional process by means of the participation in the development of new curricula, the improvement of the existing curricula, for instance, in the field of the remote learning;
  • the organisation of relations of partnership with leading universities and research centres, including those abroad for the organisation of the internships of students, post-graduate and doctoral students and young scientists, scientific and scientific pedagogical employees of the University;
  • the planning and the organisation of the scientific research and development, the exercise of scientific and pedagogical activities, the provision of the modern equipment, for instance, by means of raising funds from domestic, foreign and international foundations;
  • the planning, the organisation and control over the exercise of scientific, scientific organisational and scientific pedagogical activities of the Institute.


Anatoly Kolot

Director of the Social and Labour Relations Institute of Vadym Hetman KNEU, Professor, ScD in Economics

He was born on 28 October 1950; he graduated from Kyiv National Economy Institute in 1971; in 1999, he was awarded the academic degree of ScD in Economics and, in 2002, the academic rank of a Professor.

He is a ScD in Economics, Professor, the Vice Rector in Charge of the Scientific and Pedagogical Work, the Head of the Human Resource Management and Labour Economics Department of Vadym Hetman KNEU.

He is one of founders of the domestic school of labour economists.

He authored more than 200 research papers, including 14 monographs, 18 textbooks and manuals.

He is a corresponding member of the International Academy of Higher Education Sciences, the deputy head of the Expert Council of the Highest Assessment Committee of Ukraine in the field of macroeconomics, transformations, international and regional development, a member of editorial boards of several economic and news magazines (Ukraine: Labour Aspects, Demography and Social Policy, Employment and Labour Market, International Economic Policy).

He is a Honoured Scientist and Technologist of Ukraine.

Contact details: E-mail:; Phone: ( 380 44) 456-7000, 371-6276; Fax: ( 380 44) 371-6276, 226-2573.


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