Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

College of economics and management


Rules for Admission in 2011.

College Director Julia I. Demchenko. Has been holding the position of Director since 19 October 2004, has higher education, in 1985 she graduated from Kyiv Institute of National Economy named after D.S. Korotchenko (Kyiv National Economic University named after Hetman), specialty: Industry Planning.
Has been working at KNEU since 1998 as Head of Department, Deputy Director and as Director.
Has higher professional rank, pedagogical title of teacher-methodologist, was awarded with the sign of Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

Deputy director for educational work
Valentina V. Malyuh (tel: 457-61-68)
Deputy director for administrative work
                                        Alexander V. Korozhbey (tel: 457-99-43)
                                        Chief of Division
                                        Anna V. Anokhina (tel: 457-69-62)


General Information:

Economics and Management College of Kyiv National Economic University named after V.Hetman is the state higher education institution of the first level of accreditation.
The College provides training to junior specialists on the basis of complete secondary education and basic secondary education according to the approved Bachelor training academic plan.
College graduates may get further training at Kiev National Economic University named after V.Hetman, in order to get Bachelor qualification based on reduced curriculum, and in other educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels.
The main purpose of the institution shall be organization of educational activities, providing educational, practical and extracurricular work for training of highly qualified specialists and education of the principles of national youth education in family and society.
Activities of the College meet the basic principles of the Law of Ukraine “On the Education”, and concepts set forth in the national program of Education of Ukraine in the XXI century.


College Address: 03057, Kyiv, str. Metallistiv 17
How to get there: to the Shulyavska Metro Station, or from Railway station Karavaevy Dachi trolleybuses № 21,22;
bus 17, shuttle bus towards Petrovka Metro Station to the stop on “Vul. Vyborgska”.

Tel: 457-61-77, 457-69-62.

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