Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Culture and Arts Centre


Director of the Culture and Arts Centre
Dana Babich

Director of the Culture and Arts Centre
PhD in Pedagogy, winner of international popular song contests, master of popular music

Dana Babich
Phone: ( 380 44) 371-62-69

Deputy Director of the Culture and Arts Centre
Oleksandr Bober
Phone: ( 380 44) 455-69-21

Creative Director of the Culture and Arts Centre
Oleh Harashchenko
Phone: ( 380 44) 455-69-21 KNEU's Culture and Arts Centre is a methodological centre of the cultural development work, a place for the informal communication, the development of the atmosphere of understanding and agreement, amicable and friendly relations among students, the permanent personnel of other categories, ethnic groups, religious or political convictions to support the self-realisation and the personality development.

The major objective of the Centre is to create an integral and comprehensively developed personality, to promote intellectual quality leisure, various types of arts (performing, vocal, musical, choreography, visual arts, etc.), and to tap the creative potential of young students, to familiarise them with the cultural and arts heritage of the world, to organise quality leisure for students, teachers and employees of KNEU.

There are creative arts studios, clubs and groups in various fields of culture and arts in KNEU's Culture and Arts Centre.

The choreography is represented in the Choreography Studio (managed by Maksym Bevz (ballroom dancing) and Anton Trytinichenko (modern dancing)), which properly combines folk, ballroom, modern and popular choreography.

The Orchestra Studio (managed by Serhiy Mishchenko) teaches the fundamental principles of music and how to play various instruments. There are a number of different bands in the studio, including pop and rock groups of various styles, a dance orchestra, and soloists.

This year, the percussion ensemble was granted the status of a percussion studio (managed by Andriy Shchudlo).

Vocal and Choir Studio (managed by Oksana Kelts) teaches the art of singing, the art of using voice in various genres of vocal arts. There are three different areas in the studio: a solo singing section, vocal ensembles and a guitar poetry club.

The folklore studio has been recently transformed into the Ukrainian Song Theatre. Various customs and rites of our people are studied there; the students sing both popular folk songs, and the long-forgotten authentic melodies.

The decorative arts have always attracted creative people. For this reason, the Visual Arts and Design Studio (managed by Iryna Vlasiuk) was opened to study academic painting and drawing, graphic and household design, and decorative arts.

The Bohème Experimental Studio Theatre (directed by Oleh Harashchenko) covers all types of the performing arts. They work on acting skills, produce various entertainment programmes, humour and musical performances, hold contests and organise festivals.

Participants of studios of the Culture and Arts Centre take part in all arts events in KNEU. They are invited to festivals, gala concerts, and shows; they take part in inter-university arts events. They become winners of various contests, such as Orpheus, Karaoke on Maidan, the Chance TV project, etc.

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