Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

General information

It is the University's Mission to contribute to the development of the society by means of the scientific research, the generation and the dissemination of the new knowledge, and the training of competitive specialists and creative personalities.

More than 36,000 students study in KNEU.Only in the main institution, they are taught by:

  • 8 full and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and sectoral academies
  • more than 127 professors and doctors of science
  • 507 candidates of science and associate professors.
  • training of specialists of various educational and qualification levels
  • training and assessment of the academic and academic/teaching staff
  • scientific research
  • pre-university training of prospective students
  • scientific methodology, publishing, educational, financial/business and manufacturing/commercial activities
  • support to activities of entities established by state authorities
  • international relations
  • University Innovative Development Programme for Years 2011 and 2012
  • the accession to the Magna Charta Universitatum
  • the establishment and successful operation of 13 research institutes
  • the establishment of new educational and training centres
  • the library with 1,317,645 items, including educational, scientific, popular science, reference, information and bibliography publications in the Ukrainian and other languages;
  • In year 2010, the University's publishing office published 9 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, 33 workbooks, including 26 approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, and 11 study guides, including 10 approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, and 16 monographs;
  • New forms of the intensification of the learning process in the course of lectures and the standalone work of students are being implemented.
  • The Web-CT remote study system operates successfully with 150 disciplines developed and used in its environment.
  • The Perspektyva Employer Relations and Students Job Placement Centre is operating successfully.
  • The Institutional Repository (IRKNEU) has been put in operation.
  • The management of the university and its assets has been automated.