Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Agroindustrial Sector Economics and Management Institute

State High Educational Establishment «Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University»

The objective of the Institute is organising and carrying out scientific research and exercising science and technology, and instructional activities in the field of the economy of the agrarian business, developing scientific recommendations aimed at ensuring the high competitiveness of the agroindustrial entities, providing conditions for the profound scientific training of specialists in economics and management of the agroindustrial sector.

The following are the major lines of activities of the Institute:

  • the development of competitive applied projects;
  • the implementation of the scientific projects within the scope of the scientific and production co-operation and the collaboration with agroindustrial companies and other institutions of the agrarian business, the development of the innovative business environment;
  • the development of the science methodology base for the qualification development of researchers and teachers in the field of the economy and the management in the agroindustrial sector;
  • the use of the human resource research potential of the Institute for the solution of the pressing scientific issues of the economic development;
  • the integration of the scientific research activities of the Institute into the scientific activities of other academic research institutions and the practical activities of agroindustrial formations;
  • the international scientific, science/technology and educational co-operation with partner universities, agroindustrial formations, and professional organisations in the field of the agrarian business.

History of the Institute

The Institute was established in 2010 by Decision of the Academic Council of the University.

Director of the Institute: Oleksandr Yerankin, ScD in Economics
Phone: 38 044 537-61-71
Fax: 38 044 537-61-77

Last redaction: 31.03.21