Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Students' Trade Union

The Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Activity Guarantees" provides that trade unions may be established at enterprises, institutions and organisations. They are to be set up to represent and protect labour, socio-economic rights and interests of trade union members. Individuals, who work at an enterprise, institution or organisation, self-employed individuals, individuals, who study at an educational establishment, may be members of trade unions.

To this end, the Primary Trade-union Organisation of Students and Post-graduate Students of Vadym Hetman KNEU was established in the University (hereinafter referred to as the "PTOS"). It is the largest civil society organisation in the University. It brings together more than 99.8% of students and post-graduate students.

The following are the major lines of activity  of the PTOS:

  • the provision of the social and legal protection to students;
  • the organisation of the health rehabilitation and the sanatorium/resort treatment of students;
  • the organisation of the quality leisure for students;
  • the support to the job placement of students during hours free from studies;
  • the representation of interests of the students before the Academic Council and the Rector's Office of the KNEU, et al.

The PTOS is a collective member of the Kyiv City Organisation of the Trade Union of Education and Research Workers of Ukraine and a member of the Kyiv City Students' Trade Union Association.

Having joined the PTOS, every KNEU student can count on our organisation's properly representing and defending rights and interests of everyone before the management of Faculties and the University, state authorities and local self-government bodies, and before other civil-society associations.

The PTOS is proudly offering its support and protection to all KNEU students. It has everything required to this end: the experience, the rights, the strong united team. The PTOS is vested with broad powers by the legislation of Ukraine, for instance, in respect of the control over the provision of proper conditions for study, accommodation and amenities in dormitories by the management.

The trade-union conference is the highest body of the trade-union organisation of students and post-graduate students of Vadym Hetman KNEU. The activities of the trade-union organisation are directly managed by the trade union committee, which is elected by the conference for up to five years.

The activities of the trade-union committee are managed by the chairman and the deputy chairman (chairmen) of the trade union committee elected by the conference for the period, for which the trade-union committee has been elected.

The trade-union committee works in the form of sessions held to examine the most important issues of activities of the trade-union organisation and to make relevant decisions. The trade-union committee may elect a presidium as a standing working body between sessions of the trade-union committee, and vest trade-union bureaux of Faculties with some rights falling within the competence of the trade-union committee. The trade-union committee operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of the Kyiv City Trade Union of Education and Research Workers of Ukraine, the Charter of KNEU, and is guided by decisions of the higher trade-union bodies.

Last redaction: 09.07.19
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