Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Department for training and certification of scientific personnel


Iryna Dvornyk Head

General information

Science is a priority area of activities of the tertiary education institutions. The University has the highest potential in the field of economic sciences in Ukraine. There are widely known scientific schools in the fields of the economic theory, finance and credit issues, accounting and audit, economic analysis, marketing, statistics, international economy, etc. Almost 70% of teachers of the basic University have academic degrees and scientific ranks.

Students take an active part in the academic life in the University. There is a Students' Scientific Society, scientific study groups in the University; contests of student papers and Olympics (including national Olympics) in various disciplines, and annual inter-institutional and international scientific conferences for students are held in the University. 

Over the years, the university has trained many economists. Postgraduate school at the university was founded in 1946.

Training in postgraduate and doctoral course is carried out:

at the expense of:

  • the State Budget of Ukraine;
  • funds of legal entities and individuals;

foreigners and stateless persons on the basis of:

  • international agreements of Ukraine;
  • state-level programs;
  • agreements concluded by higher educational institutions, scientific institutions with legal entities and individuals.

Currently, the University trains postgraduate and doctoral students for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science in the following specialties:

051 Economics

071 – Accounting and Taxation

072 – Finance, Banking and Insurance

073 – Management

076 – Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities

081 – Law

281 – Public Management and Administration

292 – International Economic Relations

Individuals with the completed higher education and the qualification of Specialist or Master can be admitted to the post-graduate school.

The university has a network of specialized scientific councils (download)

We wish you success in the most interesting and prestigious field of human activity - Science!

The following documents shall be submitted for the enrolment in the post-graduate school:

  1. an application addressed to the Rector;
  2. a personal human resource record card with a photograph (4 × 6 cm) (authenticated in the place of employment, for those who work);
  3. a notarized copy of the document of the state sample on the previously obtained educational (qualification) level, on the basis of which the admission is made, and the notarized appendix to it (extract from the record sheet). Persons who have received appropriate education abroad - a copy of a validated diploma, certified in the prescribed manner. KNEU graduates can provide copies certified by the dean's office of the relevant faculty (institute);
  4. a medical health status certificate (Form 086-U);
  5. 3 photos (3x4);;
  6. list of published scientific works and inventions according to the established sample (if available);
  7. recommendation of the Academic Council of the higher educational institution (faculty, institute) (if any);
  8. copy 1, 2 p. passports and residence permits (registration);
  9. a copy of the certificate of assignment of the identification number.

The passport and the higher-education diploma shall be submitted in person.
In addition, 2 stamped self-addressed envelopes and 1 loose-leaf binder are required.

The duration of the full-time and part-time postgraduate school is 4 years.

Post-graduate school entrants shall take written competitive examinations in:

  • their speciality;
  • interview in the specialty
  • a foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish)

covering the current curriculum of higher education establishments of accreditation levels III to IV.

Documents will be accepted from 1 July till 30 August.
Entrance examinations will take place from 27 August till 9 September.
Address of the University:
03057, Kyiv, 54/1 Prospekt Peremohy
Phone:( 380 44) 456-7080, office 212.

Doctoral School

Individuals, who have the academic degree of a Candidate of Sciences, scientific achievements and published papers in the chosen academic speciality, can be admitted to the doctoral school.

Applicants personally submit an application addressed to the rector in a paper form

For admission to doctoral course, a person submits to the department a detailed proposal, which contains a plan of research work and information on the amount of scientific work (results) needed to prepare research results for defense, at least two months prior to the start of receiving documents,

Within a month from the date of receipt of documents from all entrants of the department, their scientific reports are listened and then defining of possibility of enrolling each entrant in doctoral course and submit conclusions for consideration by the Scientific Expert Council for further approval by the Academic Council of the University.

With the application in paper form, the candidate for the degree of Doctor of Sciences should also submit:

The following documents shall be submitted for the enrolment in the postdoctoral school:

  1. a copy of an identity document and citizenship (pp. 1-3, 10-12);
  2. a copy of the diploma of Doctor of Philosophy or Candidate of Sciences (notarized or certified by the seal of the institution in which the entrant works);
  3. a copy of the associate professor's certificate (if available, notarized or certified by the seal of the institution where the entrant works);
  4. a copy of the certificate of assignment of the identification tax payer number;
  5. a written description of the scientific activity of the applicant, compiled by a doctor of sciences who is a full-time scientific-pedagogical or research employee of the university, with the consent to be a scientific consultant in case of admission to the doctoral program;
  6. personnel record card (notarized or certified by the seal of the institution in which the entrant works);
  7. list of published scientific works and inventions;
  8. extract from the decision of the meeting of the department (where the candidate for the degree of Doctor of Sciences will study) after the publication of the scientific report at the department.

The passport, the certificate of the associate professor and the Candidate's diploma shall be submitted in person.

Passport and diploma of the degree of Candidate of Sciences are submitted personally. Documents are submitted in a cardboard folder.

The duration of the full-time doctoral course is 2 years


Address: 54/1 Prospekt Peremohy, Office 212
Phone.: (380 44) 456–7080

Last redaction: 25.09.23